Abano Pass

Abano is a pass  of the Great Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. With the highest point at an altitude of 2850 m -according to other sources also 2926 m and 2950 m- it is the highest passage in the whole Caucasus. It connects two historical regions of Georgia: Tusetii in the north and Kakheti in the south.
Due to the high altitude and strong snow cover, the passage is impassable for most of the year, open from June to October
. The mountain road character and the heavily damaged road require an off-road vehicle.
The road leading to Tusheti starts from Kakheti, the village of Pshaveli and goes to Omalo via the most highway passage of Georgia – Abano Pass (2950 m). Bath passes for only a few months in a year and is constantly being cleaned from landslides and crusts.
The only road that connects Tusheti starts from the village of Pshaveli, Telavi district. Omalo, which is the administrative center of Tusheti, is 72 kilometers, but it is safe to pass this road with a high passenger car for about 4 hours.
The road from Peshaweli to Siori river is asphalt. A large section of the motorway is cut down on the rocks and mountains from the Sierra Gorge to Abano Pass. In some places the water from the mountain crosses the road. You will see snow walls on the road in July. The road is so narrow that it is impossible or impossible to get two cars simultaneously.
The motorway passes through the Abano Pass, at 2950 meters above sea level. When the air temperature is +30 or +35 degrees, the heat on the day does not exceed +5 or 8 degrees, and it is freezing at night.

Bath Pass is open from mid May to end of October. In winter the snow cover reaches 3 meters. The mountain pass has been locked for almost seven months and it is possible to get to Tusheti only by helicopter.

Tusheti road is one of the most difficult transport sections in Georgia. The  BBC in 2013 introduced this route into the list of the most most dangerous roads in Europe, making Tusheti even more popular.

– Abano Pass, which connects Tusheti, officially opens in early June and closes on October 15.–Tusheti is  a National Park we weren’t sure if we could pitch our tent anywhere we wanted.-

Access : Coordinates: 42.27810545.508633 / By public transport : take a Delica, a 4×4 mini-van from the towns Zemo-Alvani or Kvemo-Alvani , Delica’s depart from Tbilisi to Omalo , You can take a mashrutka -public mini-bus- from Telavi to Alvani or from Tbilisi to Alvani / Tusheti can be accessed only by 4X4 car, which can be hired in Tbilisi or 4X4 taxi, which you can rent in Tbilisi and Telavi and Kvemo Alvani Center. / By hitchhiking : a crazy ride in a Kamaz truck

Activities : adventure tourism / Wildlife viewing / photo opportunities / hiking / Five-day tour in Tusheti / Bicycling mountain roads and passes / a ride in a Kamaz truck / Camping

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