Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Adršpach Rocks is the most visited rock town in the Czech Republic. It attracts visitors with its fairytale charm and an inexhaustible number of rock formations.
Adršpach Rocks is the most visited rock town in the Czech Republic. It attracts visitors with its fairytale charm and an inexhaustible number of rock formations.
The rocks of Adrspach-Teplice  are an unusual set of sandstone rock formations covering 17 km² in the north-east of Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. They are named after two nearby municipalities: Adrspach and Teplice nad Metuji. The site was already apparently a regional tourist destination during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as attested by the varied language of stone inscriptions on the site, and the postcards that are preserved.
The rocks have been protected as a national nature reserve since 1933, and since 1991 the entire region adjacent to the city of Broumov has enjoyed the status of a protected landscape area.

Tourists can visit the rocks through a series of marked trails. The area is a popular destination for rock climbers. In recent years, it has become a focus for high-risk sport related to that rock climbing.

The area is also one of the largest permanent peregrine falcon improvement sites in Europe, since they are protected here under a federal law. Some areas have been designated out of reach of climbers and hikers to ensure that birds are not disturbed.
The rock city is open all year round and we are open daily. In the winter months, when the conditions of snow are difficult due to snow, only the part of the tour circuit, the so-called “Old Part” to the Great Waterfall is maintained.

The whole area of the massif lies within the limits of a nature reserve called “Narodni prirodni rezervace Adrspasskoteplicke skaly”. These areas are a well-known tourist attraction. Rock towns located in the massif are one of the most famous sandstone climbing areas in the world.

Through the Adrspasskoteplicke skal massif, there are several tourist routes of varying difficulty, mostly very easy, leading through both rock cities to more difficult ones, some of which lead to the most characteristic spiers, the ruins of castles, viewpoints and smaller rock labyrinths and ravines. Some of them are a bit more difficult and are suitable for more skilled tourists.
Adrspach Rocks is the most visited rock town in the Czech Republic. It attracts visitors with its fairy tale charm and an inexhaustible number of rock formations. The 3.5 km long route follows the green sign and is supplemented by information boards. The tour includes two waterfalls, a sandpit and a rock lake with the possibility of boating.

Access : Coordinates: 50.611389, 16.115 / Accessible from Hradec Kralove via the E67 to Nachod. Accessible from Trutnov on the R37 and R33 to Nachod.

Highlights :

  •  Climb : The area is a popular climbing area. But it was only in the 1920s that climbing began in this area from a sporting point of view. Around 2,000 towers and massifs have been climbed at the moment.
  •  The most famous rock formations in Adrspach (Adersbach) are the lovers, the mayor and the mayor and the rock crown in Teplice (Weckelsdorf). The heaviest summit (difficulty Xc Saxon), the Sugar Loaf Mountain (Homole cukru), was climbed perfectly for the first time in autumn 1996, even though it lies directly on the main hiking trail.
  •  A paid tourist route runs through the maze of rock forms, requiring no practice when walking in the mountains, consisting of convenient paths, stairs with handrails, ladders and places of artificially built walkways and platforms. Going beyond this route is only allowed for people with a special permit (employees of the reserve, scientists and climbers.
  •  Many rocks have their own names, such as: Sugar Head, Lovers, Staroste and Old Town. The area has been protected as a nature reserve. It is very valuable not only for geological and geomorphological reasons, but also in terms of the diversity of fauna and vegetation. 238 primary plant species have been identified here, for example, marsh clam, mountain moth, alpine club, two-flowered violet.
  •  There are two mountain lakes on different levels in the Adrspach rocks, through which the Metuje river flows forming two waterfalls. The whole is overgrown with forest with numerous species of mountain and foothill flora. There is also interesting fauna here.
  •  Within the massif there are ruins of three castles. In the northeastern part, west of the Adrspasske skal there is the Adrspach castle; between Teplice rocks and Teplice – Strmen. The third castle – Skaly – is located on the southeastern tip of the massif.
  •  At one of the hiking trails there is a symbolic wooden chapel, dedicated to Czech climbers who died not only here, but also in other mountains. The chapel was situated in a rock projection on which commemorative plaques for people who died tragically in the mountains are placed..

Activities : Hiking :A tolled hiking trail, adapted for the untrained tourist, also runs through Teplicke Skaly. / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking

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