Beach of La Concha

La Concha  is a beach located on the shores of the bay of the same name in the city of  San Sebastian ,Basque Country, Spain.
La Concha beach is the main beach of the city of San Sebastian and one of the most famous and beautiful urban beaches in Europe, stretching along the coast of the bay of the same name. The name La Concha in Spanish means “shell” – this is the shape of this amazingly beautiful bay. Mount Urgul rises from one end, and Mount Igueldo at the other.
It has an average length of 1,350 meters and an average width of 40 meters. The beach area is around 54,000 m².
The beach has a sandy surface of shallow depth, the beach area is noticeably reduced during high tides. In 2007, the beach was selected among the 12 treasures of Spain, a national competition hosted by Antena 3 and COPE radio station.
The beach  considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

Access : Coordinates: 43.3175, -1.986667 / The Beach of La Concha ,  is located in the heart of the city of of San Sebastián , between the fishing port and Pico del Loro at the Bay of La Concha in the Basque Country, northern Spain.

Highlights :

  •  The Paseo de la Concha promenade offers a relaxing stroll and a variety of cafes and bars to have a drink or eat.
  •  The extensive arch of the beach with the promenade and the Parte Vieja and Alderdi Zaharra  between La Concha and the mouth of the Urumea River are well-known tourist attractions.
  •  Despite being very crowded, it is worth a visit as it is considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe: it is not for nothing that at the beginning of the nineteenth century it was Queen Isabella’s favorite place for her holidays, Other royal families from all over Europe also visited the site.
  •  Without a doubt, La Concha is the most famous and photographed beach in the Basque Country.Due to the fact that the beach is surrounded by mountains, it is perfectly protected from wind and high waves, which makes it safe even for young children.
  •  From the beach, the island of Santa Clara in the bay and the mountains of Urgul and Igueldo are clearly visible. You can get to the island either by swimming, or by boat or kayak – there is a small but very popular beach on it.
  • Another attraction of La Concha Beach is the street lamps made from small sculptures that are awarded as a prize at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.
  •  The sandy beach of La Concha is famous for the fact that you can meet swimmers all year round.

Activities : enjoy a wide variety of sports including surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and beach soccer. Several water attractions are available for children.

Go next : Cathedral of El Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd) is one of the most outstanding buildings in the city of San Sebastian / Santa Clara Island is located in the heart of Concha Bay.


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