Bleisure Travel The New Trend in the Travel Industry

The term may be relatively young, however, Bleisure trips, traveling that combine work and recreation, have gained more and more faith in recent years. Even the travel agents that drive the industry’s yarns find this new segment particularly profitable and focus their activity on it.
According to recent statistics, more travelers than ever seek to mix their business trip with fun. The 2016 Travel Weekly report on consumer trends shows that the percentage of leisure travel combined with business purposes increased to 17%, from 11% in 2012 and 14% in 2015. Growth is even greater for New York-based hybrid travel agency CheapOair. According to Thomas Spagnola, senior vice president of the company, “the increase in such trips has been over 20% in recent years”.

The reasons according to the measure of the species are three. Decreased fares as it passes through the years makes it affordable to take on a business trip with a companion or a friend of his to spend some extra days together. In addition, companies save more money if their employee spends more nights, including Saturdays, when part of them is paid by the traveler. If you count as a third factor the increase in millennials travels worldwide, which is more than 10%, then you understand why the travel industry is still more prosperous.

Jeff Kim, marketing director of Asiana Airlines, has the same view. As bleuter travel reports are steadily rising over the past two years, as Millennials’ entry into the labor market makes it popular. “As these new days struggle to succeed as early as possible, they face the holidays immediately after their adulthood as a luxury they can not afford. With Bleisure travel they can combine work and fun while finding their own personal balance. ”

The demographic of Bleisure travels :  For Amy Blanco, director of Omega World Travel in California’s most high tech city, the average bleber traveler is either a corporate or government employee aged 30 to 50. However, the extent to which a customer will combine the business obligations of a trip with entertainment depends on one more factor in the company’s travel policy. As long as this is allowed more and more become those who will want to take advantage of it notes.

Another factor that affects the decision of travelers on whether to combine fun with business is certainly the destination. Especially for those who carry out transatlantic travel it is useless to spend more than 24 hours on a plane go for an appointment that will take some hours and return within two days to their home. Of course, there are many who realize that the world’s top business destinations combine a multitude of cultural and other activities to deserve to spend a little more time on some of them.

According to market players, corporate travelers who are easier to turn their business trip into a leisure trip come from companies that have clientele in many countries around the world as well as those whose professional title prescribes travel.


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