Bohuslan is a province in Gotaland, ( Sweden  ) bordering Dalsland to the north-east, Vastergotland to the south-east, and Norway to the north. Bohuslan is the only Swedish province facing the open sea, as well as the southern outpost of the Norwegian fjord landscape.  

The Norwegian king Harald I made the area around 870 a part of Norway and from about the 13th century the area is known under various modifications of the name Bohuslan. After the dissolution of the Kalmar Union, the area was led by Danish-Norwegian personal union and in 1658 it went in the peace of Roskilde to Sweden.

There were always economic upswings when plenty of herring could be caught. Between 1559 and 1588, this source of income found great interest in the Danish King Frederick II, who took the fishery with taxes and duties. During this time, as well as between 1747 and 1808, at the end of the Little Ice Age, the herring swarms were large, the abundant catches indirectly benefited the whole province. There were many fishing settlements, which led to a sustainable change in the landscape, as many forests were cut down for homes, boats and fish processing plants. What remained were barren cliffs that still characterize the landscape today. Inland, on the other hand, was increasingly reforested at the beginning of the 20th century.

Islands : Bjorko , Bohus Malmon , Bratton , Dyngo , Dyron . Foto , Groto , Gullholmen Hamburgo , Hisingen (partly) . Harmano . Hyppeln .  Hallo , Halso , Hono , Kalvsund , Koster , Kladesholmen , Kallo-Knippla , Karingon ,  Malmon , Marstrand , Orust , Roro,
Reso , Stenungson ,  Tjorn , Vinga , Astol , Ockero ,
regions :  Bohuslan consists of 12 municipalities with central location: Kungalv , Little Edet
Lysekil , Munkedal , Sotenas , Orust , Stenungsund , Stromstad , Tanum , Tjorn , Uddevalla
Ockero , cities , Kungalv , Lysekil , Marstrand ,  Stromstad

Access : Coordinates: 58.248, 11.887 / Public transport in Bohuslan is organized by Vasttrafik. There are local trains going from Gothenburg to Stenungsund, Uddevalla, Munkedal, Tanum and Stromstad. The other destinations are reached by bus either directly from Gothenburg or from a train staition. Search the Vasttrafik site for connections. There are also bus connections from Oslo to Stromstad.
By plane : From the Gothenburg Landvetter airport, the airport bus to Gothenburg (going directly from the airport building) and then train is preferred.

Tickets for Vasttrafik can be bought by credit card on board, but not for buses in Gothenburg. Pressbyran and some other shops sell tickets. The airport bus need special tickets which are bought with credit card on board. Read the Gothenburg entry for more ticket details.
By car: The E6 road is the backbone. To reach other places select a suitable numbered road from the map to connect from E6. Between Uddevalla and Lysekil, the road 161, which contains a ferry (free of charge) is preferred.

Get around : islands are reached by public boats,at the municipalities there are buses. by Vasttrafik , walking might be best good option.

Highlights :

  • Ockero – A group of islands which are part of Gothenburg Archipelago.
  • Tanum – Known for its UNESCO World Heritage Listed rock carvings./ Uddevalla – The largest city in Bohuslan.
  • Stromstad – On the border to Norway, it is home to the “Koster Islands” maritime reserve.
  • Marstrand – An island and popular summer resort outside of Kungalv./ Lysekil – Has been used as a seaside resort since the 19th century./ Kungalv – The second largest city in Bohuslan, home to Bohus fortress.
  • Orust and Tjorn – Are Sweden’s fourth and seventh largest islands/Kosterhavet. a marine national park
  • Nordens ark. Sanctuary for endangered animals situated 20 km from Kungshamn
  • Rock carvings in Tanumshede – Bronze Age carvings that are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and one of the most prominent remnants of Nordic prehistory.
  • Fjallbacka

Activities : Island-hopping : / Discover the awesome Bohuslan coast / Discover pretty fishing villages and charming small towns / cycling : Archipelago cycling combines a number of scenic and safe cycling routes /
hikes : A huge system of trails, the Ramsvik trails, with lots of treasures to discover./ Camping : There are lots of advantages to family camping adventures in Bohuslan. No-worries accommodation, plenty of campsites in Bohuslan / Kayaking / shellfish : The local lobster, langoustine, oysters, prawns and mussels are world-class /

Events :  March 1- 4: Passion for Food Exhibition / March – April: Dancing cranes at Lake Hornborga / April 3 – 7: Gothenburg Horse Show / End April – Begin Oct: Summer Season at Liseberg / April 2 – 7: International Science Festival Gothenburg / Begin April – End October: Vitlycke Museum, Tanumshede / May: The Nordic Oyster Opening Championships in Grebbestad / May 18: Goteborgsvarvet – Half Marathon, Goteborg / June: Skara Sommarland opens for the summer season / June 21: Midsummer / July 1 – 6: Partille Cup, Partille / July: Hova Medieval Week / July: Match Cup Sweden, Marstrand /
July 11 – 14: Amals Blues Fest, Amal / July: Evert Taube Festival, Tanumstrand / July 15 – 21: Gothia Cup, Gothenburg /
August: Lysekil Women’s Match, Lysekil / August: UCI Women/s WorldTour, Vargarda / August: Way Out West, Gothenburg / August 10: Dalsland Canoe Marathon+ / August: Open Shipyards on Orust / August/September: IcebugXperience
/ September: Island of Light, Smogen / September 27 – 30: The Book Show, Gothenburg / September-November: Lights in Alingsas / Mid-November – December: A Gothenburg Christmas

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