Cala Goloritze

Cala Goloritze is a beach that is located in the town of Baunei, in the southern part of the Gulf of Orosei, in Ogliastra, Sardinia, Italy.

The beach, one of the most evocative of Sardinia, was created by a landslide in 1962 ,  it is famous for its high pinnacle of 143 meters above the cove. Another feature of the beach is the natural arch that opens on the right side of the bay. The beach is composed of small white pebbles and sand.

Goloritze can be reached by boat, or by a path that from the Gulf reaches the cove, with a vertical drop of 470 meters and about an hour and a half walk. Currently  the coast near the beach (200 m from the shore) is completely closed to traffic of motorboats to preserve the beach from pollution and from the assault of tourists. To get to the beach by sea, the most comfortable and less demanding, available transport services are rental boats from the nearby ports of Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese.

Location : Golfo di Orosei, 08040 Baunei, Sardinia, Italy Access : Coordinates: 40.1086, 9.6889 / Cala Goloritze is unreachable by car or by boat , access only by foot.

Goloritze was declared “Natural Monument” of the Region of Sardinia in 1993, and then named “Italian National Monument” in 1995

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