Česká Kamenice


Ceska Kamenice is an ancient town with a rich history, situated in the valley of the river Kamenice about 15 km east of Decin. Its surroundings are lined with picturesque wooded hills of the Lusatian Mountains, Bohemian Switzerland and the Czech Central Mountains.

Today,Thanks to its beautiful historical center with Renaissance town hall, burgher houses with “fairy-tale” jagged gables and a number of timbered and half-timbered buildings, Ceska Kamenice was awarded the title of Historic Town of 2005. the city has about 5,600 inhabitants and includes the settlements Pekelsky Dul, Dolni Kamenice, Filipov, Hunikov, Horni Kamenice, Kamenicka Nova Viska, Kerhartice and Liska.

Access : Coordinates: 50.783333, 14.283333 / There are 3 ways to get from Prague to Ceska Kamenice by train, taxi or car , By train :  Train   2h 50m , Take the train from Praha  / You can  Take the train from Decin  to Ceska Kamenice  6€ – 9€ By taxi : Taxi  1h 27m , Take a taxi from Prague to Ceska Kamenice 102.2 km 120€ – 150€ By car : Drive   1h 27m ,  Drive from Prague to Ceska Kamenice 102.2 km 9€ – 15€ Quickest way to get there ,  By Air :  Airports near Ceska-Kamenice ,  LA­pa Airport is 13 kilometers away from Ceska-Kamenice.  HradAany Airport is 29 kilometers away from Ceska-Kamenice. Usti Nad Labem Airport is 34 kilometers away from Ceska-Kamenice.  Pirna-Pratzschwitz Airport is 42 kilometers away from Ceska-Kamenice.  Liberec Airport is 42 kilometers away from Ceska-Kamenice.

Highlights :

  • Evangelic church : In 1902, the local evangelical community founded an association for the construction of an evangelical church
  • Church of st. Jakub Vetsiho , The first explicit mention of the church in Ceska Kamenice appears in 1352. Our town is mentioned here as an “oppidum” with a parish church.
  • The Dean’s Historical Building, No. 110 ,  The original building of the deanery was built in 1711, under Vaclav Norber Kinsky and the dean of Heinrich Ignaz Teigel, as the date carved above the door testified. We do not know more about this construction. In the fire of 1836 the building burned down,
  • The Preidl family tomb ,  The Preidl family tomb was built in 1868 and consecrated on 17 August. The tomb is a valuable example of the historicizing sepulchral (cemetery) architecture in the area.
  • Pilgrimage Chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary , Truly remarkable is the high Baroque central building, which was built next to the old town cemetery from the first half of the 17th century. The origin of the pilgrimage site is woven with rich legends and miraculous deeds of the Mother of God. The history of the construction begins with the Cesky Krumlov native, since 1706 the fourth dean P.Jindrich Ignac Teigl († 1735), who is the true founder of our pilgrimage complex, which is primarily a dignified box for the sacred statue of the Virgin Mary.
  •  Chapel of st. Barbory ,  The Chapel of the Holy Trinity dates back to 1694. It was built by the Bohemian burgher Christian Luna.
  •  Statue of st. John of Nepomuk , Fountain : Renaissance nine-sided fountain from 1574 by the master-master Matyas Zimmermann of Zittau.
  •  Manor Brewery  , The manor brewery was founded in the town of Jan Oktavian Kinsky before 1640. Already the bull gneiss from 1654 states that the nobility in the town also brews beer in the town.
  •   Salhausen Castle ,  The construction of this noble work was initiated by the brothers of Slahausen in the early 1920s. Soon, however, in the area of the chateau, a hospital for the Holy Trinity. This is evidenced by the foundation charter of Hans von Salhausen in 1521.
  •   Country Homestead /  No. 122 – Town House , The oldest documented owner of this old burgher house was Hans Hehr in 1570. After the burning of the house Sasa, after 1654 it was rebuilt with the use of old stonework.
  • No. 84 – Town House , One of the oldest wooden houses in Bohemia. Double-storey, timbered but not under-timbered, terraced house with a gable roof with half-gutter. / No. 88 – Town House
  • No. 111 – Town School , This house was built for the town school in 1562, / No. 122 – Town House ,  Johann Georg Kreibich was the oldest known owner of the house in 1785. At that time the house and the garden belonged to the house. The first report about the building dates back to 1775.
  •  No. 123 – Town Hall ,  A remarkable house, rebuilt in the Classicist style by the merchant F. Bittner, who in 1825
  •   Kamenice Castle :  Early reports of the oldest history of the castle are uncertain and do not allow to reliably date its origins. One such report from the Hussite campaign is an indication that in 1423 the Hussites wanted to occupy a mountain nearby.
  • Studenec  Tower ,  The predecessor of today’s tower was a wooden observation tower from 1854 (for the bad condition it was brought down in 1865), which was built here by Count Ferdinand Kinsky.

Activities : Cycling :  Cycling routes :  Czech Kamenice – Mills – Kytlice – Horni Chribska – Dolni Chribska – Chribsky Hradek – Na Tokani – Modry dul – Saunstejn – Vysoka Lipa – Jetrichovice – Vsemily – Ceska Kamenice (47,8km) /Sightseeing , bicycle , cruise on the Elbe river , trekking , Hiking & Camping , Bus & Minivan Tours ,Day Trips.

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