Comino island

Comino is one of the islands in the Maltese Archipelago
Comino is one of the islands in the Maltese Archipelago
Comino is one of the islands in the Maltese Archipelago. It is the smallest inhabited island of the Maltese islands with a grand total of 3 permanent inhabitants, as well as a hotel which caters mostly for overseas visitors on all-inclusive package tours. Comino is famed for it’s Blue Lagoon which offers crystal clear waters for swimming in.

Understand :  Comino was for a long time uninhabited and was used by corsair pirates as a resting place. In the 17th century the Knights of St. John constructed the Santa Maria Tower to secure the island. This tower is in use as a museum. It’s set in a very impressive location on a clifftop and seems more like a midsize fortress until you approach it and realise it’s rather small. Like many other locations in Malta it can be seen in the recent film The Count of Monte Christo. During the British reign a leprosy colony was established on Comino because of its remote location; it was abandoned and its building is now used by the locals as convenient housing.

Access : Coordinates: 36.011278, 14.336806 / Comino is located in between Malta and Gozo and can be reached by a small ferry leaving from Cirkewwa (on the north-western tip of Malta – the same place that the much larger ferries to Gozo depart from) or from Mgarr in Gozo. Sailings are irregular – check with the Comino Hotel.

Many tourist boats depart daily from three cruise locations in Malta:  Some smaller craft use a landing platform halfway between the Blue and Crystal Lagoons, which can be an energetic walk and perhaps best missed if you are not keen on walking on rough tracks.

Attractions :  The island only has a few structures on it, the Santa Maria Tower, the former leprosy colony building which is now used by the locals to live in, the chapel, the police station, and a medium size hotel and a group of small bungalows belonging to it. The only sights are the Blue Lagoon and the Tower.

Activities : The main reason for visiting the island for by far the most people is the so-called Blue Lagoon (Malt: Bejn il-Kmiemen), a stunning lagoon located on the northwest side of the island which has exceedingly clear azure-blue water. Unfortunately in the high season between 10:00 and 16:00 several hundred people swamp it each day, snackbars are set up on the pristine waterfront, deck chairs are rented out and all kinds of different craft go in and out of the lagoon ferrying visitors back and forth. The best time therefore to come is early in the morning as this is also when the water sparkles the most beautifully in the sun.

Less well known is the Crystal Lagoon which has emerald green water almost equally beautiful but unfortunately very little opportunity to swim from the shore as it’s surrounded by cliffs. From a boat however it can be a welcome break from the busy Blue Lagoon as it’s a lot quieter.

There is also the island of Cominotto (Malt: Kemmunett), situated less than a hundred metres away from Comino itself. The island has a tiny beach that opens onto the Blue Lagoon. This beach is popular with tourists wanting to get away from the crowded rockfaces of Comino, but be prepared to either hire a boat to get you out there or, if you can swim, buy a waterproof bag for your beach towels and swim to the island. If the tide is low you can wade across most of the distance.

Comino offers some of the best opportunities for Scuba Diving in the Mediterranean, including the Santa Maria Caves. Water visibility is usually excellent with an abundance of marine life to view, particularly in August / September. There is a dive center  attached to the Comino Hotel, and other operators from Malta and Gozo offer trips to Comino’s waters.


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