Craco, the ghost town

Craco is a  ghost town, built on the edge of a cliff in the Basilicata region , of the province of Matera, in Italy.
The old town was abandoned due to a landslide, occurred in 1963. becoming a ghost town. Nowadays, it is a tourist destination and a popular place for film filming. In 2010, the World Monuments Fund included the historic center of Craco on the watch list of the most threatened sites.
The origins of Craco date back to the 8th century BC It is likely that it offered shelter to the Greek settlers of Metaponto when they moved to escape malaria.
At the end of the 20th century, after another natural cataclysm, it turned out that the rocks beneath the city were gradually destroyed, and therefore the inhabitants were forced to leave it.

Access : Coordinates: 40.378656, 16.440347 / By car : Motorway A2 Salerno-Reggio Calabria: exit Sicignano, take the direction of Potenza, continue on the SS 407 Basentana towards Metaponto , From there, Craco is just west of the SS103 or SS176.
By train : The nearest station is Metaponto, connected to the main railway junctions.
By plane : Nearest airports : Bari airport -120 km , Naples Airport -250 km.

Tip : Access only with guided tour :- 10€/person for one of both sites- 15€/p. for both sites- +5€/p. for an English guide.

Highlights :

  • MEC – Emotional Museum of Craco , Inside of the ancient Monastery of San Pietro, 75010 Craco, Italy , Open : 9:30 am – 7:00 pm.
  • Centro Storico di Craco , 75010 Craco, Italy , Open : 9:30 am – 7:00 pm , Historic center is now accessible to the public is An Open-Air Museum.
  • The Patron Saint of Craco: San Vincenzo / Church of Santa Maria della Stella , church with a statue of the Virgin Mother Mary and Child.
  • Church of San Pietro , 17th century church / the Castle tower-Torre del castello / La chiesa madre.

Activities : hiking / sightseeing / photo opportunities

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