Dean Village

Dean Village is an picturesque medieval village immediately north-west of downtown Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.Just a short walk from Edinburgh city center, this scenic location is home to Scotland’s ancient landmarks.
The first information about a settlement in this area dates back to the 12th century.The Dene Mills were first mentioned in King David I’s founding charter of Holyrood Abbey, usually dated 1145, in which he ceded one of his Dene mills to the abbey.
From the mid-1970s it became recognized as a quiet oasis, very close to the city center, and redevelopment and restoration began, transforming the cottages, warehouses and mill buildings. This included development on a former industrial site cleared on the north side of the river.
Dean Village  starts from St. Charlotte’s Square. Several old watermills along the river have over time been replaced by attractive buildings dating from different periods. It was known as the “Water of Leith Village” and was the center of a thriving flour milling area for over 800 years ,Dean Village is now a popular residential area.

Access : Coordinates: 55.95376, -3.216733 /  Walking distance will take 25 minutes. If in doubt, a taxi ride from the Old Town will take less than 10 minutes.

Highlights :

  •  The courtroom : This housing construction was completed in 1886 and provided housing for local workers. In 2007, Edinburgh World Heritage began a renovation, transforming the building into a luxury apartment with a historic touch.
  • Architecture Photography : Dean Village has an atmosphere of absolute tranquility, where you can slowly wander through the quiet streets, admiring the beautiful architecture.
  •  The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art : The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, built as John Watson’s Institution in the Dean.Opening hours: daily, special exhibitions only.
  •  The Dean Bridge : The Dean Bridge, free from the start, was built in 1831 and opened in 1833: it has 4 arches and is 32 meters above the water level. It crosses Queensferry Road above Dean Gorge.Dean Bridge was featured in Ian Rankin’s fictional book Strip Jack, in which a woman is found dead in the river below the bridge. He’s also featured in the second book of the Peter May Lewis trilogy, The Lewis Man, in which a 1950s schoolboy causes fatality.
  •  The Water of Leith Walkway : The Water of Leith Walkway is a public footpath and cycleway that runs alongside the small river of the same name through Edinburgh, Scotland, from Balerno , a suburb of Edinburgh to Leith, a port area in the north of the city of Edinburgh.

Activities : sightseeing / buy vintage clothes, antiques, and jewelry /photo opportunities / Excursions in Edinburgh / Edinburgh Bus Tours / Walking and cycling the path Dean Trail, you will pass by beautiful Victorian houses.

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