Devín Castle

The Castle of Devin is a castle located in Devin, a part of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Its strategic position, at an altitude of 212 m at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers, makes it an ideal place for a fortress. Its owner can control the important commercial road along the Danube: this is the reason why it has been inhabited since the Neolithic, strengthening its construction in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Later, Celts and Romans built their fort in this place. Among the ruins of Roman origin were found the first Christian church north of the Danube.
The  castle was founded in the 8th century and played a crucial role during the frequent wars between Moravia and France. After its construction, a church was added, inspired by the Byzantines of the region of Macedonia, place from which Saints Cyril and Methodius came to Moravia. The church was also decorated by Italian painters.
From the 19th century, Devin became a national symbol for the Slovaks, considered the westernmost point of the Kingdom of Hungary. His story has inspired many poets of Romanticism, such as the Hungarian poet Endre Ady used as a symbol of modernity and westernization in his poem “Gog y Magog”.
Some parts of the castle were rebuilt in the twentieth century, so that today the castle houses a museum.

Access : Coordinates : 48.173611, 16.978333 / You can get to the castle easily from the Bratislava city center by public transport, by car, or even by boat or hiking. By bus : From city center : bus line 29 and 128. Frequency is every 30 minutes /

Devin Castle Hours :
The opening hours of Devin Castle are from 10 in the morning to 16.30 in the afternoon and it is highly recommended to visit it first thing in the morning due to its great popularity. It is important to know that Mondays is closed.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / hiking / biking / rent a canoe and cross the Morava River /

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