Por Joaomartinho63 - Obra do próprio, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Por Joaomartinho63 - Obra do próprio, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Ericeira also called “Vila Velha” is a town  in Portugal, part of the Lisbon district. The first written mention of Ericeira is found in a document issued in 1229 to the distinguished monk . Fernand Rodriguez Monteiro, who distinguished himself in military affairs. In the centuries that followed, people appreciated the climatic features of this seaside region. The first mention of the village, found in written sources, dates back to the Xlll century. This document dates back to 1229, issued to the local monk Fernand Monteiro for services in military affairs. Subsequently, special attention was given to the climatic features of this region.
The famous chemist of the XVlll century Charles Lepierre carried out a number of studies and proved that the sea water in these places contains a very high concentration of iodine. Therefore, many wealthy people sought to come to Ericeira in order to improve their health. Throughout the 19th century, members of the royal family and the bishop of Coimbra regularly visited the village for taking sea baths. Following their example, soon the entire Portuguese aristocracy began the construction of cottages and country houses in the vicinity of this town.
Ericeira is known not only as a seaside resort. In the old part of the city there are preserved medieval buildings of interest to history and architecture lovers. Some of them were built in the 15th century. in the Portuguese late Gothic style, called “Manueline” , It is also known as Europe’s largest surf center.

Access : Coordinates: 38.962, -9.418 / located 35 km north-west of the capital of the country, Lisbon. / By car : Ericeira is an important road junction. It is connected with Lisbon by the A21 motorway via the A8 motorway. / By bus : There are frequent buses to Ericeira from Lisbon.

Highlights :

  •  Palace in Mafra : It is mainly known for the baroque palace and monastery complex , built during the reign of John V. The history of the creation and construction of the church and monastery in Mafra is based on the novel Baltazar and Blimund, written by the Portuguese Nobel laureate José Saramago.
  •  Sandy beaches.The main beach of the town, from the center you can get to it by going down a long ramp,Suitable for families, as it is protected on both sides by breakwaters that protect the beach area from large waves ,In the city itself and to the south of it there are three such wonderful places to stay: Praia do Sul, Praia do Peixe, Praia do Lizandro. Ocean waves, soft sand and excellent infrastructure have brought popularity to this resort region.
  •  Surf : The best surfing spots are to the north of the city: Praia do Norte, Praia do Norte and the Praia da Ribeira de Ilhas used for the World Championships.two of the aforementioned beaches have been awarded the EU Blue Flag and are among the best in Europe. Praia do Lizandro is the best place for beginners, where people from all over the continent come to learn how to conquer the wave.
    Ericeira – the World surfing reserve (WSR). In 2011, the World Coalition Save the Waves awarded this name to the Ericeira region in Portugal. It was also officially recognized as a reserve by the President of Portugal, Anibal Cavacu Silva. Ericeira is now the only one in Europe and the second in the world among surf reserves. It is truly the heart of Portugal for wave lovers, and its protected status has put Ericeira on the maps and cemented its position in surfing and tourism.
  •  Quiksilver has built a huge skate park here. Local guys got used to all types of boards from infancy!
  •  Furnas : in the vicinity of the town you can see picturesque stones that cut right into the ocean, which are called furnas. There are many rocks, underground passages and caves in which lobsters were once grown.
  •  From the architectural sights in Ericeira, you should see the Nossa Senhora da Natividadi fort near the Pescadoris beach, which began to be built at the beginning of the 18th century, the Filreu fort, built in the 17th century on the site of the Phoenician fortifications, as well as the historic church of St. Peter and the chapel of St. Sebastian.
  •  Ericeira Museum with exhibits on the history of the village. / The Chapel of Saint Anthony with a beautiful panel depicting the departure into exile of Manuel II, the last king of Portugal.
  •  Mary’s Chapel, built in the 15th century in the famous Portuguese Manueline style, combining elements of Gothic and nautical themes.
  •  Forte do Milreu : The São Pedro da Ericeira Fort, also known as Mil Regos Fort, Milreu Fort or Ericeira Fort, is located in the village of Ericeira, in the municipality of Mafra, district of Lisbon, in Portugal.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / A number of surf schools, rentals, bars and specialized hotels have established themselves in Ericeira for everything to do with surfing.

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