Falsterbo is a town located at the south-western tip of Sweden in Vellinge Municipality in Skane. Falsterbo is situated in the southern part of the Falsterbo peninsula. It is part of Skanor med Falsterbo, one of Sweden’s historical cities.

History : Falsterbo historically enjoyed trading privileges with the Hanseatic League. During the Middle Ages, it was a rich and prestigious town owing to its location in a center of trade and herring fishery. On the beach between Falsterbo and neighboring town Skanor was the Scania Market where merchants from various parts of Europe had fixed market places.

Scania Market was a major fish market which took place annually starting about 1200. The market became an important trade center on the Baltic Sea and remained so for 250 years; it was a major source of the Hanseatic League’s wealth. The rich herring fishing around the Falsterbo Peninsula accounted for the market’s popularity, but the market declined in importance during the 15th century when herring populations decreased. The cities were politically merged into a single city, Skanor med Falsterbo.

Access : Coordinates: 55.383333, 12.833333 / By Air : Airports near Skanor-med-Falsterbo :  Vellinge Airfield is 11 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is 27 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
MalmA Sturup Airport is 36 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
Staffanstorp BjA¤llerup Field is 39 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
Copenhagen Roskilde Airport is 50 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.

Ryanair  flies to Malmo’s Sturup airport. Falsterbo is 30 miles away by bus it’s about 90 minutes – take the Flygbussarna to Malmo Sodervarn, then change to the Skanetrafiken 100 service for Falsterbo. There are plenty of hire-car options at the airport . A taxi costs around £60 (taxiskane.com).

Highlights :

  • Falsterbo Museum :  Little Falsterbo Museum, at the southern tip of the peninsula, is a pleasing jumble: a small Naturum, old shops and smithies, WWII mines and the remains of a 13th-century boat.
  • Falsterbo is also known for one of the better golf courses in Europe – Falsterbo Golf Club
  • Beaches : Falsterbo strandFalsterbo old lighthouse and ringing station

Activities : GOLFF
With three of the country’s premier golf clubs nearby / FALSTERBO HORSE SHOW
For many, the name Falsterbo is associated with horses. It’s no wonder when the international Horse competition Falsterbo Horse Show goes off here every summer. It’s the year’s biggest event and attraction, which annually attracts tourists from all over Europe./
A walkingpath called “Skaneleden” takes you on a lovely hiking from Skanor to Falsterbo. It’s a fantastic walk dedicated to the sea.

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