Fort San Juan de Ulúa

San Juan de Ulua is the name of a small island in the Gulf of Mexico overlooking the seaport of Veracruz,  in which the is a large complex of fortresses, prisons and one former palace are located ( Originally the islet was a Totonac shrine, where worship was given to Tecatlipozca, the god of darkness.) .
From Cuba an  expedition it was organized by Velázquez that will be headed by Hernán Cortés and that arrives at the islet of Ulúa in April of 1519. From here begins the conquest and colonization of the Mexica Empire, this is how San Juan de Ulúa becomes the strategic site as a commercial port and defensive point of the Veracruz coast since the sixteenth century. 
The fortress of San Juan de Ulúa is built on the small island from which it gets its name. The fleets of the Carrera de Indias required a safe harbor and protection against the ravages of the northern winds that hit the coast of Veracruz.
San Juan de Ulua became the most formidable fortress of its time and fulfilled the function of defending and housing the men who sought the reconquest of Mexico, after Independence. Later it was transformed into a prison and then, in 1915, it became the seat of the federal executive power. It is currently a museum, with the exception of one of the Bastions, which is occupied by the Mexican Navy.

Access : Coordinates: 19.209167, -96.131389 /  by car : the easiest thing is to go to the boardwalk, and from there take the morelos bridge, which is passing the craft plaza, next to the plaza de la Republica, from there all right for a couple of KM, you should see the signs that indicate the deviation to get to the fort and ready, and do not worry, because if there is parking in San Juan de Ulua.
/ By taxi : from the Malecon to San Juan de Ulua, it costs 80 MXN per trip, / By  boat-type transport that leaves the aquarium and the boardwalk, and it costs 50 MXN per person round trip.

Admissions : Cost per person 55 MXN, but on Sundays, admission is FREE , Cost of a Guide 50 MXN per person, are at the entrance of the Fort.FREE admission for students, retirees, teachers, children under 13 /
For use of camcorder is subject to an extra fee

Hours : Open from Tuesday to Sunday, including holidays from 09:00 to 16:30 hrs.Monday closed to the public.

facilities : Museum of the Fort of San Juan de Ulua , From Tuesday to Sunday, 09:00 – 17:30 hrs. Pices :  $ 60 / parking lot / WC

Activities : sightseeing : photo opportunities / Guided tours /

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