Garni Gorge

The Garni Gorge is located 23 km east of Yerevan, Armenia, just under the town of the same name. The canyon is located under the temple of Garni, which dates from the first century AD.he beautiful gorge extends along the Azat River -Garni – 
On both sides of the canyon there are cliffs with well preserved walls of basalt columns, which have arisen due to the erosion of the Goght River. This section of the canyon is popularly known as ” Symphony of Stones” You can access this section thanks to a path that begins in the village of Garni, shortly before reaching the temple. The road also runs through a medieval bridge of the eleventh century.

Access : Coordinates: 40.119444, 44.723056 / Location : Geghard Monastery Road H3, Garni, Armenia / Garni is a village in the Kotayk Province of Central Armenia. Taxis are the fastest way to and from Garni. They can be taken in Yerevan and will cost on average 2000-2500 AMD to get there depending on the driver.
/ By bus buses 22, 26 or 36 or marchroutkas 9, 69 or 73 : The marchroutkas and the transport buses for the villages , are the most affordable way to get to Garni , Minibuses and buses leave Yerevan (from the outskirts of Massiv) every 30 minutes, or as soon as they reach their full capacity. Stops are made in the villages of Garni and Goght./

By tourist bus :
Various tour by tourist bus can be arranged in advance in Yerevan /

Attractions :
“Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt organ”, he Basalt Organ is an amazing natural landmark in the Garni Gorge! Nature has created hexagonal columns hanging over the river, which really create the impression of a huge musical instrument.
the Azat River and the The Azat Valley (Garni) and its tributaries are Gokhta. / In the hills surrounding the village from the north, there is a medieval cemetery with chakras and decorated gravestones.

Activities :  sightseeing / photo opportunities / Hiking or horseback riding can be done in the Khosrov Reserve located in front of Garni / jeep tours /

Nearby Attractions : Havuts Tar Monastery / Garni Temple / Garni Fortress / Mashtots Hayrapet Church / Surb Astvatsatsin Church /
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