Geiranger  is a village in Norway, located at the end of the Geirangerfjord in the Norwegian province (fylke) of More og Romsdal.

A picturesque 15-kilometer fjord, a branch-branch of the Storfjord, is located in the south-west of Norway, 280 km from the capital Oslo and two hundred kilometers north of Bergen, the gateway to the Norwegian fjords. The closest to Geiranger is the port city of Alesund, it is only 100 km away.
About 600 thousand tourists visit Geiranger every year. Even the largest ocean liners with thousands of passengers on board enter the port. From 140 to 180 of them come here annually. But the tiny village of Norway never seems to be flooded with tourists, because the organization of recreation is at a high level, and all tourist streams safely diverge along a variety of routes.
the majestic Norwegian Geirangerfjord is among the top ten the most beautiful fjords in the world. Since 2005, the Geirangerfjord area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Access : Coordinates:62.1019, 7.2072 / A car ferry runs to Hellesult several times a day, crossing the fjord. / By Bus : Comfortable express trains run from Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim to Geiranger every day. / During the summer months, Geiranger can be reached from Bergen by the coastal cruise ship Hurtigruten, which heads north. In winter, these ships sail as far as Alesund, but do not enter Geiranger. Once in Alesund, tourists get further to the fiord by bus.
By car : From Bergen and Oslo, by car, the surroundings of the fjord can be reached in 5-8 hours. From Ålesund to Geiranger center can be reached in 3 hours./ By air : The nearest airport to Geiranger is also in Ålesund

Highlights :

  •  There is a museum in the village – the Fjord History Center, and all cruise ship tourists and independent travelers must visit it.
  •  At the highest point at 858 m there is a parking lot, there are souvenir shops, shops and a large platform from which you can see the loops of the road and the powerful 180-meter Stigfossen waterfall.
  •  the most impressive view of the village and the fjord is from the 1.5 km mountain Dalsnibba, which can be reached by car, bus, motorcycle for a small fee or free of charge by bike.
  •  Waterfalls of Geirangerfjord : The big Stigfossen (180 m), which is clearly visible from the observation deck of the Troll Ladder, causes delight.
  •  Viewpoints of Geirangerfjord : Of the most famous and visited sites in Geiranger, two (Fludalsjuwe and Ernesvingen) are very close to the village, and the third is high on Mount Dalsnibba.
  •  Erneswingen lookout point : at an altitude of more than 600 m above sea level, the Erneswingen observation deck is arranged.From here, the kilometer-wide fjord looks like a wide blue stream, which is squeezed by mountain slopes. And the cruise ships going along it are toy boats.
  •  Dalsnibba Lookout : In the rating of professional photographers, Dalsnibba is one of the first places of honor, this is a real paradise for photo masters. In addition to the wonderful long-distance panoramas of Norway, there are also many winning objects for shooting the foreground here. This observation deck is located on the top of a mountain at an altitude of 1500 m.Many hiking trails leave from here, and the entire summit itself can sometimes be in clouds.
  •  Gudvangen and Geiranger, two villages in the central fjords, are some of Scandinavia’s most popular cruise ship anchorages.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking – There are more than a dozen trekking routes in the vicinity of the village. The most popular route for experienced hikers is to the old, long-abandoned Skagefla farm in the fjords. / Exploring the fjord by water / Rafting safari on an inflatable RIB boat / Kayaking is another opportunity to walk along the most beautiful fiord in Norway and explore its interesting places.
/ Fishing in a rented boat is also an option for exploring the Geirangerfjord from the water / summer skiing in Stryn.

Go next : The town of Ondalsnes and the town of Nurdal / three waterfalls 6 km west of the village:Seven Sisters Waterfall ,Waterfall “Bridegroom”  , Bridal Veil Waterfall ./ the flourishing Art Nouveau Alesund.


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