Guvano nudist beach


The Guvano Beach is located a few kilometers from the characteristic village of Corniglia, in the municipality of Vernazza, Italy.

The only one of the Cinque Terre not to be found directly on the sea and which, paradoxically, is home to perhaps the most  beautiful beach in the Cinque Terre, famous for its nudists and in the 70s for hippies. It is a beautiful sand and pebble beach,
characterized by a crescent-shaped coast set in a splendid natural setting, surrounded by the characteristic jagged profile of the rocky coast of the Cinque Terre, with stone spurs overlooking the sea. The sea is beautiful, turquoise, crystalline, transparent and with stony bottoms, ideal for bathing, paying attention to entering the water. It is possible to reach the beach on foot via a very steep and often impassable path or, more easily, from the Corniglia station through a former railway tunnel granted to private owners.

Access : Coordinates: 44.125442, 9.703288 / Reach the village of Corniglia , Once out of the train station, take the stairway leading to the village and then follow the road junctions for the blue path, which connects Corniglia to Vernazza. Shortly after taking the path, an entrance ticket to the Cinque Terre National Park is required. Say that you want to reach the beach and do not want to continue to Vernazza. In this specific case, the ticket is not necessary. Go down a valley, go past a stream and then climb up again, pass a picnic stop and, after 300-400 meters, pay particular attention to signs indicating the beach (left, bottom), in any case, before the bar / refreshment point on the path

Warning! The tunnel has been closed down , locals recommend that you avoid visiting this beach.

Ammenities available : None / Type of beach: pebble-rocks with a rocky wall behind

Activities: trekking /

Nearby Attractions – Go next : Corniglia / Cinque Terre National Park


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