Hainan  is an island and province in the southernmost part of China, right across the Strait of Tonkin opposite Vietnam. Hainan literally means South of the Ocean.
Hainan is the second largest (after Taiwan) and China’s only island with a tropical climate.the weather is comfortable and the sea is warm. In September-October, there are many Chinese in the resorts, and from February to May they are occupied by Europeans.
At each of the resorts of Hainan Island in China, there are hotels of different categories, completely new, clean and modern. Nevertheless, the most expensive destinations are Yalongwan Bay and Haitangbei.
In the southern part there is the year-round resort of Sanya. Around the Sanya resort in three bays (Sanya Bay, Dragon Bay, Yalongwan, Big East Sea Bay, Dadonghai) are the majority of the island’s hotels and main recreation areas.
Today Hainan  It is actively advertised as “China Hawaii”. The entire island has been declared a special economic zone.
A famous attraction is the Leicong World Geopark, located 15 kilometers from Haikou City, and an observation deck is built at the top of the crater. In addition, famous resorts are located in Sanya city in the south, and Yalongwan national tourism destinations are famous.

Access : Coordinates: 19.2, 109.7 / By plane : There are direct international connections from Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Highlights :

  • The most famous attraction is the Ma-An volcano, located 15 km from Haikou. There is an observation deck along the crater diameter. The neck is a solidified lava, overgrown with dense bushes and rare tropical trees.
  • Space travel : The Wenchang Cosmodrome, China’s youngest spaceport, has been located on Hainan since the 2010s. Its location near the equator makes it particularly suitable for launching satellites and space probes in orbits near the equator.
  • The island also has a long cable car that passes over the water and measures around 2,138 meters (7,014).
  • Springs and Wellness : Natural hot springs, scattered throughout the island, contribute to the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, lung problems, skin and urological diseases, rheumatism, hypertension and other ailments : the Guantan hot springs in the Qionghai area, the Xinglong Valley 100 km from Sanya, , The healing thermal springs of the Nantian complex, on the territory of which there are more than 30 pools.
  • Sea Turtles 911. The only non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles in China / Nanshan Temple, a Buddhist cultural area west of Sanya featuring a 108 metres (354 ft) statue of Guanyin.
  • South Mountain :  It is a large Shaolin Buddhist temple complex at the southernmost tip of the island / the pearl museum, the crystal museum.
  • Yalongwan Bay : The annual BRIC summit has been held here for several years / The Yangpu Ancient Salt Field is a heritage site in Yantian village on Yangpu Peninsula.
  • Yanoda Natural Park : It is open to visitors with guided walking tours, a zipline, and a waterfall climbing activity. / Five Finger Mountain’Scenic Area / The Tomb of Hai Rui : national cultural protection site. Hai Rui was a compassionate and popular official of Hainanese origins who lived during the Ming dynasty.
  • Holiday Beach :is located along the west coast of Binhai Avenue in the west of Haikou City,The beach is 6,000 meters long and is divided into beach sun bathing area, marine sports area, marine dining and cultural area and leisure resort area.
  • Sanya Beach – is one of the best known beach areas in China ,The main visitor activities involve beaches and bars. The Sanya area is particularly well supplied with both.
  • Movie Town Haikou : China’s unique movie-themed tourist attraction , Contains 1942 style street, old Beijing style street, Nanyang style street, church square area, and the world’s largest, photo studio and other supporting service areas,There are many shops and restaurants along the street, and you can also take rickshaws and horse-drawn carriages through them.
  • Gusong Village : Gusong Village (in Wenchang). An ancient, unique, beautiful, non-profit traditional Hainan village./ Luobi Cave, 15 km (9.3 mi) north of Sanya City.
  • Volcano Park and lava rock villages : approx. 15km south of Haiku, near Shishan. Entrance ticket – approx. ¥ 60 .. Visiting lava villages is usually free, but when visiting Rongtang Protected Village, give local elders ¥ 5.
  • Two other popular tourist bays of the island – Dadonghai and Sanyavan – are no less picturesque, but more crowded, but there are much more shops and entertainment here.
  • Nanwan Monkey Island is located in Lingshui County, on the southern coast of Hainan Island / The Yangpu Ancient Salt Field is a heritage site in Yantian village on Yangpu Peninsula.
  • Diving in Hainan : Popular diving sites: Xiaodonghai Bays (two wrecks: bulk carrier and boat, 15 m deep), Yalongwan (densely populated coral colonies, 18 m), Houhai Bay (coral and underwater rocks with grottoes, 30 m), Fenziezhou Island (rocks and wrecks, 25 m).
  • Shopping : Haishudong Street in Haikou is a place where prestigious shops are concentrated, and arts and crafts can be purchased at the market at the Cape of the Sky and the Sea.
  • The largest natural zoo in the Asian region is located on the shores of the picturesque lake Dongshanhu,Animals are kept in conditions as close as possible to natural conditions.
  • Cape “End of the World” with many bizarre stones / the Dong Tian Taoist temple, about 800 years old.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Yachting / Diving,surfing, hiking tours, cycling, rafting, fishing, golf / Shopping / taste different varieties of Chinese tea in teahouses scattered around the island.

Go next : Zhanjiang is the nearest mainland city / Phoenix Island, an artificial island in Sanya Bay./ Beihai , on the southwest coast of China. It is said to be the fastest growing city in the world.


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