The highline179 is a pedestrian suspension bridge in the form of a rope bridge over the Fernpassstraße B 179 south of Reutte in Tyrol ,Austria.

With a total length of 408 m, the 4 highline179 is the world’s “longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Tibet style”. It extends at a height of 113 to 114 m over the Ehrenberg Castle and connects the Ehrenberg ruins with Fort Claudia. The location of the bridge was chosen so that it was one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world with a span of 406 m at the time of completion.
Since the end of 2014, the imposing steel structure has been part of the Ehrenberg Castle World and as such an indispensable part of the “Castle World Family”,It serves to make it easier to visit the two castle ruins and, with around 200,000 bridge visitors per year , is an independent tourist attraction for the municipality of Reutte.

Access : Coordinates: 47.465372, 10.717752 / Highline179 is located near Reutte on the Bavarian-Austrian Border.

Highlights :

  • The Guinness World Records : After thorough examination, the highline179 was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the “longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Tibet style”. The Guinness World Records Certificate confirmed “The longest Tibet-style footbridge is Highline179, a 402 m (1,318.9 ft) catenary-shaped walkway” and thus differentiated it from the approximately 440 m long bridge in Sochi’s Skypark, which has now been opened Fixed sidewalks suspended under a tension band is constructed differently.
  • Since April 2019, the route from the visitor center to the highline179 can be conveniently shortened using the Ehrenberg Liner inclined elevator.
  • Bridge held: by 4 suspension ropes, each 60 mm in diameter ,Safety: 8 rock anchors, each 17 meters in length, set in the ground Dead .weight: 70 tons , Bridge load: max. 500 people , Height of the bridge: 114.60 meters , Bridge length: 406 meters , Walkway width: 1.2 meters.
  • Admission costs € 8 per person and is to be paid at the ticket machines at the bridgeheads, reduced tickets for families and children are only available in the valley in the museum shop of the Ehrenberg Castle World. An additional € 4 parking fee is required.

Go next : Reutte ,a market town and capital in the Reutte district / Route along the Schnellstraße – highway to the Fernpaß – Fernpass, a gorgeous mountainous route between the northern Ausserfern and the lush verdant Tirolean countryside northwest of Innsbruck.


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