Kudahuvadhoo Island, is one of the inhabited islands of Dhaalu or South Nilande Atoll ,located in the southern Nilandhoo Atoll ,in the Maldives a small archipelagic state in South Asia, situated in the Arabian...

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is a beach on the east coast of Australia's Whitsunday Island. Whitehaven Beach is located off the east coast of Australia in the state of Queensland on Whitsunday Island and is best reached...

Kyorinbo Temple

Kyorinbo Temple is a small Buddhist temple in Azuchi-cho, which is now part of Omihachiman City,Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Kyorinbo Temple is especially known for its autumn colors that surround the precincts, and is lit up...


Spiez is a small town in a picturesque bay of Lake Thun in the canton of Bern, located in the administrative district of Frutigen-Bas-Simmental of which it is the capital, in Switzerland. The town is...

Chiềng Khoa Waterfall

Chieng Khoa Waterfall, also known as May waterfall, Na Tram waterfall, is a small waterfall located in Moc Chau , a large, mountainous district of the Son La province, about 200 kilometers west of...
Von Zairon - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Church of Saint Barbara , Bärnbach

The small church of St. Barbara located in the small town of Bärnbach , at the district of Voitsberg in the Austrian state of Styria, Attract curious looks with its appearance. The main attraction the smallest city of...

Grand Prismatic Spring

The Grand Prismatic Spring is the third largest hot spring in the world. It is located in Yellowstone National Park in the Middle Geyser Basin,in the state of Wyoming,United States. The earliest records on this...
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Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle or Corvinilor Castle, also called Huniazilor or Hunedoara Castle, is the medieval fortress of Hunedoara, one of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture in Romania. The rock castle was built on the...
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The Gur-Emir mausoleum in the Uzbek city of Samarqand is the tomb of the conqueror Timur Lenk  ,also known as Tamerlane. some members of his family and other personalities from the Environment of the...


Samarkand  is the third  largest and second most populous city in Uzbekistan. Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in the world, founded, according to archaeological data, in the VIII century BC. BC the center...