Hongcun is a Beautiful old town located in the south of the Chinese province of Anhui, on the slopes of the Huangshan mountains  ( Yellow Mountains ).
The village was founded in 1131 during the period of the Han dynasty by members of the Wang family.
The serene environment and the beautiful surroundings present to the visitors a piece of the pleasant and calm image of a typical life in the countryside of southern China, 
The architecture and carved decorations of the nearly 150 residences date from the Ming and Qing dynasties. They are considered among the most notable in all of China.The village has several narrow streets and a bouquet of alleyways that lead to the entrances of the houses. And in general on the widest streets there are some handicraft and grocery stores.
The famous film director Ang Lee found this place splendid and did it as a main scene of the Chinese film “Wo Hu Cang long -Tiger and dragon- “. In the seventy-third Academy Awards ceremony, the film won the best foreign film, the best soundtrack, the best photography and the best production design.
Today : Together with Xidi, it was declared by UNESCO in 2000 as a World Heritage Site with the name of former towns in southern Anhui.

Access : Coordinates:30.0033, 117.9905 / Address: Hong Village, Yi County, Huangshan, Anhui Province / Hongcun is about 11 km from Yixian and 85 km from Tunxi /
from Downtown Huangshan by tour vehicle or taxi, the ride takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.

from Tunxi Bus Station in downtown Huangshan to Yi County (1½ hours). Buses from Yi County Bus Station to Hongcun depart every 15 minutes, the ride  takes approx. 20 minutes, and cost 2 yuan.
From the Yellow Mountains : By bus: there are three buses running from the Yellow Mountains to Yi County, via Hongcun, at 7:20, 13:40, 15:40. The bus fare is 13 yuan.

Attractions :

– Ancestral Temple of the Wang Family , The Ancestral Temple of the Wang Family was built in the Ming Dynasty. The whole building was convex. There are carvings on the wooden pillars. This place is used to make offerings to ancestors in important festivals.

– Deyitang Hall , The Deyitang Hall is a traditional residence with a classic Hui-style patio. It was built in 1815 of the Qing Dynasty. In the center of the house there is a pool that is surrounded by pots. Two courtyards are located in the east and west of the residence
– Nanhu Lake , Moon Pond/Nanhu Lake is located at the southern gate of the Hongcun village. It is an artificial lake originally excavated in 1607 of the Ming Dynasty imitating the West Lake. The lake is shaped like a large arch. Its embankment has two layers. Old weeping willows surround the lake

Open: 7:30am–5:30pm , Entry: 104 yuan -17 USD

Activities : photo opportunities- photography trips-photography spots / sightseeing / walk among the trees and bamboos / snapping selfies : Insta spot / Explore Hongcun with a guide – Hongcun Tours

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