Hwaseong Fortress

Hwasong or Hwaseong is a impressive fortress in the city of Suwon the provincial capital of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. It was built from 1794 to 1796. King Jeongjo of the Choson Dynasty built the fortress to honor and house the mortal remains of his father Prince Sado. This prince had been condemned to die locked in a chest of rice by his own father, King Yeongjo, by not obeying the mandate to commit suicide. Located 30 kilometers south of Seoul and enclosing much of the center of Suwon, the Fortress includes the Haenggung palace of King Jeongjo.
The architecture of the fort combines traditional elements of western style and oriental style, which makes it very different from the other forts or Korean castles. The Suwoncheon, the main stream in Suwon, flows through the center of the fortress.
The fortress was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

Access : Coordinates: 37.272222, 127.008333 / Address: Suwon Cultural Foundation, 11 Haenggung-ro(14 Namchang-dong), Paldal-gu, Suwon City / driving to the fortress starting from Camp Humphreys, Osan air Base , then Suwon Hwaseong Fortress -about 1 hour ride  / By train :
Suwon station sees the KTX and many regional trains. From Seoul, there is a train every half an hour, for a journey time of 30 minutes. The cost is between 8,000won for KTX and 2,700won for Mugunghwa. Places are bookable up to one month in advance on the Korail site. Nevertheless, there are often places, it is easy to take a ticket at the counters./
By Bus :
The bus circuit is very reliable and fast. Green buses are buses that run only in the city of Suwon, red and green buses go to Seoul or nearby cities. Although a majority of stops are noted in Korean, the main stops and tourist stops have a translation into Latin alphabet via English./
By Metro :
It is possible to reach Suwon by subway line 1. Depending on your starting point, the trip can easily exceed 1 hour: from Seoul Station, the journey takes 1 hour and a half. Take line 1, Cheonan / Shinchang section. Check that you are on the southern part of line 1, the separation being done at the Guro station.

Get around : Electric bicycle taxi , by a large helium-filled balloon / Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley.

Attractions – site layout:
Bongdon (Beacon Signals) , Bukammun (Northern Secret Gate) , Bukdongchi (Northeaster Turret) , Bukdongjeokdae (Northeastern Gate Turret)
Bukporu (Northern Sentry Post), Bukseojeokdae (Northwestern Gate Turret) , Bukseoporu (Northwestern Sentry Post) , Buksumun (Northern Floodgate),
Changnyongmun Gate , Dongammun (Eastern Secret Gate) , Dongbukgangnu (Northeastern Angle Tower) , Dongbukgongsimdon (Northeastern Watchtower),
Dongbuknodae (Northeastern Crossbow Tower) , Dongichi (Eastern Turret II) , Dongilchi (Eastern Turret I) , Dongilporu (Eastern Sentry Post I) ,
Dongiporu (Eastern Sentry Post II) , Dongjangdae (Eastern Command Post) , Dongnamgangnu (Southeastern Pavilion) , Dongporu (Eastern Sentry Post),
Dongsamchi (Eastern Turret III) , Hwaseomun Gate , Janganmun Gate , Namchi (Southern Turret) , Namporu (Southern Sentry Post) , Paldalmun Gate ,
Seoammun (Western Secret Gate) , Seobukgangnu (Northwestern Pavilion) , Seobukgongsimdon (Northwestern Watchtower) , Seoilchi (Western Turret I) ,
Seojangdae (Western Command Post) , Seonamammun (Southwestern Secret Gate) , Seonamgangnu (Southwestern Pavilion) , Seonamposa (Southwestern Sentry Station) ,
Seonodae (Western Crossbow Tower) , Seoporu (Western Sentry Post) , Seoporu (Western Sentry Post II) , Seosamchi (Western Turret III) , Yongdo (Passageway) ,
Yongdodongchi (Turret East Of Yongdo) , Yongdoseochi (Turret West Of Yongdo)

Facilities : Available Parking lots at Changnyongmun Gate,Hwaseong Haeunggung, Yeonmudae, / Restrooms Available / Wheelchair rental / Suwon Hwaseong Museum.

Opening hours Summer season 09: 00-18: 00
Winter season 09: 00-17: 00
Holiday: Open all year round (N / A)
Admission fee * Suwon Hwaseong
– Individual: 1,000 won for adults / 700 won for youth and soldiers / 500 won for children
– Group (more than 20 people): 700 won for adults / 500 won for youth and soldiers / 300 won for children

Events : A variety of traditional performances are enacted each Saturday from March to November at 2 p.m.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / walking / Foreign language guide service / Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Night Tour / Traditional Korean Archery / large helium-filled balloon ride /
Beating the Bell of Hyowon (Experiencing Striking a Bell) /

Go next : Incheon / Korean Folk Village / Mount Paldalsan / Yeonmudae / Mount Gwanggyo / Seoul


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