Ilha do Mel

Being an island, most of the attractions are beaches, for all tastes: busy and quiet, for walking, for diving. But there are other attractions, such as the fortress and the lighthouse.
Being an island, most of the attractions are beaches, for all tastes: busy and quiet, for walking, for diving. But there are other attractions, such as the fortress and the lighthouse.
Isla de Mel (  Honey Island )  is an island in southern Brazil located at the mouth of Paranagua Bay, in the state of Parana. It constitutes a geological formation of ecological interest for what is protected as a state park.

Before World War II the place was known as the island of Admiral Mehl, who dedicated himself to beekeeping and whose family frequented the island.Retired sailors lived on the Island and dedicated themselves to beekeeping, producing a fairly significant amount of honey to the point of exporting the product until the 1960s.

The four main tourist points are: Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, Nova Brasilia Center and Conques Lighthouse (Farol das Conchas), and Enchantees (Encantadas) to the south.
Vehicles are not allowed in the region and there you find several streets and sand trails, perfect for long walks. The Island also has infrastructure of good restaurants and inns.
The Ilha do Mel is a major tourist destination in Parana and tourism is the island’s main source of income.The island is car-free and the paths are often unpaved, you have made in the nature reserve in particular no further development. The trails on the island are either covered on foot or by boat. There are numerous hiking trails, some of which lead to Encantadas but partly directly on the water over rocks and therefore are difficult or impossible to pass at high tide.

Access : Coordinates: -25.5575-48.3059 / It is made to the island from Pontal do Sul (30 min) or Paranagua (1 h 45 min). There are regular daily lines from 8 am to 5 pm, every hour in low season or every 30 minutes in high season. There are two destinations either Encantadas or Nova Brasilia (which allows to join Farol e Fortaleza). A regular line exists between Encantadas and Nova Brasilia. The boat leaves as soon as there are more than six passengers in the boat.

Highlights :

  •  Farol das Conchas : The Conques lighthouse , commissioned in 1870 by the Baron of Cotegipe, during the reign of Emperor Dom Pedro II, is made of steel, at a height of 18m and comes from Glasgow, Scotland. ,Built in 1872 by Dom Pedro II on the easternmost tip of the island and still in operation, Farol das Conchas is a reference point for navigation at the entrance to Baia de Paranagua.
  •  Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres : military monument of the eighteenth century existing in Parana, located in the foothills of the hill of the whale (Morro da Baleia), with walls of 1.50 m thick ,The fortress Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres can be reached from the beach at low tide from Nova Brasilia, and at high tide part of the way must be covered inland.
  •  The grotto of Encantadas :is in the southern part and it is one of the most important natural heritages. ,The grotto of Encantadas (Gruta das Encantadas), around which various legends entwine, lies in the extreme south of the island.
  •  The isthmus (Istmo or Passa-Passa), located in Nova Brasilia, is the narrowest part of the island. It is changeable because of the ocean currents. Since 1995, water has only rarely been passed from one side of the isthmus during high tides. The width reaches today 30 m.
  •  beaches are Praia do Limoeira, Praia da Fortaleza, Praia das Conchas, Farol Beach, Praia Grande and Praia do Miguel. Surfing is especially the Praia de Fora, limited also the Praia Grande. On the beaches of Brasilia and Encantadas are the majority of restaurants and pousadas.Praia de Fora It is in a small cove between hills, has natural pools formed at low tide and has waves that attract surfers. Access by foot is from Nova Brasilia, the journey takes 10 minutes.Fortaleza Beach There are 4km of beaches that are used to reach the fortress. The farther from Nova Brasilia, the more deserted and quiet the beach is.
  •  Ilha do Mel State Park : The Ilha do Mel State Park is in the southern part of the Ilha do Mel in the east of the municipality of Paranagua,The creation of the conservation unit values the conservation and preservation of beaches, marshes, rocky shores, dense sub-montane rainforest, fauna and archaeological sites located on Ilha do Mel.The northern part of the island is protected by the Ilha do Mel Ecological Station. The island is opposite the Superagui National Park to the north. It is in the Iguape-Cananéia-Paranaguá estuary lagoon complex.

Note : Only 5,000 visitors can enter the Island at a time and it is not allowed to enter with animals.Some sites do not accept cards and there are no banks on the Island./ Visitors may bring bicycles, but no motorized vehicles are allowed.

Activities : Rent a bike / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking , Trails that lead to several sides, including towards the Iguatemi Fortress/ The beach section Cassual or Ponta do Bicho is very good for watching dolphins and turtles. / jet skiing and kitesurfing are offered at Praia do Istmo / enjoy a good sea bath. / bird watching / diving / fishing / surfing

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