Isnello is a small town  in Palermo Province, Sicily, Italy .

Archaeological finds in some karst caves (caves of Chiusilla, Fico and Roccazzo). Points to  a first settlement, called Hassinor, in the Punic period and probably even during the following Hellenic era there was a small village.
The urban layout of the town still maintains the typical medieval layout, made up of small buildings, dominated only by the ruins of the castle.The stream, named Isnello, which descends from the Madonie, laps the village to the north, to wedge itself into a suggestive narrow canyon formed between the height of the castle and the steep wall of the Grotta Grande Mountain.

Access : Coordinates: 37.95°, 14.083333° / Distance (in kilometers) between Isnello and the largest cities in Italy. Rome 458 km ,Milan 927 ,km Naples 323 km ,Turin 952, km Palermo 60 km ,  Genova 835 km , Bologna 762 km Florence 688 km,  Bari 431 km,
Catania 107 km , Venice 845 km , Verona 871 km / By car : From Palermo: Highway A19 PA-CT, exit Bonfornello. Continue on SS 286 up to Castelbuono and from here continue towards Geraci Siculo.
From Messina: Highway A20 ME-PA, exit Pollina-Castelbuono. Take the SS 286 in the direction of Castelbuono and continue to Isnello on the SP9.

Highlights :

  •  The church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which dominates the city, at its elevation, is interesting for the steeple of the belfry covered with colored majolica.
  •  Castello di Isnello , ruins of the castle, probably from the Byzantine period, which is located above a ridge overlooking the village.
  •  There are natural forest areas consisting of oaks, oaks and corks included in the Madonie Park.
  •  Chiesa Madre San Nicolo: The Mother Church dedicated to the patron Saint Nicola di Bari, Addolorata, the patronal chapel. the chapel of the SS. Sacramento, the wooden machine of the Altar Mayor of the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and several works in the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna. The marble Tabernacle is also interesting.
  •  Monument to the Fallen / Madre Madonita , bronze work by the sculptor Pietro Giambelluca
  •  ‘Trame di filo’ Museum: collects and exhibits the products of a particular handicraft such as filet and embroidery.
  •  Parco Astronomico delle Madonie , Astronomical Park , The particular conditions allow a clear view of the night sky on different days of the year.
  •  Church of San Francesco annexed to the Sisters of the Holy Family / Church of S. Maria del Soccorso, 1616 / Parish Church of St. Paul the Apostle.
  •  GAL Hassin , Via della Fontana Mitri, 90010 Isnello, NASA chose Isnello to build a planetarium here.

Activities : hiking in the Madonie Park / mountain bike / agriturismo , There are excellent farms, with years of tradition in hospitality. / photo opportunities / trekking / educational activities / Adventure weekends.

Events :

  •  Sagra della Frittella, food festival , April / Sagra delle Verdure Tradizionali e Antiche delle Madonie, food festival / Sagra delle Fave di San Pietro, religious and food festival September – Feast of San Nicola di Bari, patron saint.
  •  La Luminaria: Great bonfire in Piazza Mazzini on Christmas Eve.
  •  Le Frottole: Parades that prepare for the Procession; the clergy does not participate in liturgical dress.
  •  ‘A Nunna vecchia: On December 31, the evening of the passage from the old to the new year, the children of the village turn from door to door to the sound of big “bells”, receiving caramels, and typical sweets.
  •  The Vegetable Festival of Isnello in April / On May 1st, the celebrations of the Blessed Sacrament are held in Isnello. Crucifix, with the procession of the Crucifix of Santa Maria Maggiore,
  •  November – Sapori d’Autunno , songs, dances, exhibitions, conferences, tastings and folklore.

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