Kerimaki is a small village in Eastern Finland. Since 2013, it has been a suburb of Savonlinna as Kerimaki municipality merged with the city  .Access : Coordinates: 61.916667, 29.283333 / Buses for Kerimaki leave about once per hour from Savonlinna city center (30-40 minutes).

Attractions : The Wooden Church. The wooden church of the village is said to be the world’s largest – built in the mid-19th century to hold 3000 seats or take 5000 to standing. Apparently the pastor thought that it ought to be capable of accommodating half the population at any one time. It now appears inordinately large for the village but, its proportions being immensely pleasing, it’s an object of great beauty.

Activities : Festivals : Puruvesi Pop: 20 July – 22 August 2018. Puruvesi Pop is the biggest happening in Kerimaki and it is organized by a local nonprofit organization. A family-oriented “Children’s Pop” is held on the 22nd.

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