Kjeragbolten is a rock that is 5 m³ large and is wedged in a gorge in the mountain 959 m above the Lysefjord,in the municipality of Forsand in Rogaland county, Norway.

Kjeragbolten is a very popular tourist destination and is accessible without the need for climbing gear. However, it is suspended above an abyss 959 meters deep.
The rock itself is a 5 cubic meter, relatively round stone stuck between two rock walls. It is a popular tourist attraction as it is easily accessible without any equipment. It is located above a 984-meter-deep fissure, making it a popular base jump site and an amazing photo shooting site. In summer, in good weather, hundreds of tourists come here not only from abroad but also from Norway itself.

Access : Coordinates: 59.033727, 6.593275 / This rock is located about 300 m south-west of Nesatindane, and 1.9 km north-east from the Kjerag plateau.

Highlights :

  • Kjeragbolten has long been a famous photo place on the Kjerag hiking trail. Below the boulder, a thousand meters below, flows the Lysefjorden.
  • The Kjeragbolten It constitutes a goal of stroll for many hikers.The rock is accessible after about three hours of walking. Some fairly technical passages require adequate equipment and good physical condition.
  • The site featured in one of Matt Harding’s video, Where the Hell is Matt?

Go next : Closer to the entrance to the fjord, on the north side, is the also popular Pulpit Rock , a steep cliff which rises 604 metres (1,982 ft) above Lysefjorden.


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