Koh Rong

Koh Rong is a fishing village and deserted wild beaches. These pristine beaches attract tourists with their purity and virginity
Koh Rong is a fishing village and deserted wild beaches. These pristine beaches attract tourists with their purity and virginity
Koh Rong  is the second largest island in Cambodia. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand about 15 km south of the coast of the province of Koh Kong and about 25 km west of the city of Sihanoukville.

The island has developed over a period of 20 years. Cambodia has beautiful seas and a rich sea life. Coral reefs are found around Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem islands
Most of the interior of the island is covered by jungle forests, and the coastline is characterized by sandy cliffs and several beautiful beaches.
The coastline of Koh Rong is 61 km, of which 43 are beaches. The island has more than 23 individual beaches that vary in length and color, some of them have already been developed for tourism, and the rest are just corners of untouched wildlife.
Koh Rong Island is a great place to relax and explore, because the island is still deserted, undeveloped and few people live. The western part of Koh Rong  Island is a peaceful, beautiful beach shaped like a hammock.

Access : Coordinates: 10.7, 103.233333 / There is no airport on the island, the nearest airport to Koh Rong is Sihanouk International Airport (KOS code). 20 km from the airport to the city of Sihanoukville, then 40-60 minutes by boat to Koh Rong.

There is a ferry boat from Sihanoukville to three beaches: Kaoh Touch, 4K Longset Beach, Sok San Long Beach. The journey takes 45-60 minutes. / From Siem Reap, you can take a nine-hour bus to Sihanoukville. For the price it will cost about $ 20 round-trip.

Highlights :

  •  Luminous plankton : If you like night swimming in the ocean, then plunging into its warm waters into one of the quiet, delightful moonless nights on Koh Rong, you will be surprised to notice moving silver dots that scatter to the sides with each of your hand movements in the water.
  •  The island of Koh Rong is known as the party-goers island. People come here for parties on the seashore, wild dances on Fridays with the obligatory tradition of pouring tequila into the throat and ecstatic Full Moon Parties
  •  Koh Touch is a village and main pier. The tourist center of the island. Boats from Sihanouk and from the island of Rong Sanloi arrive here.
  •  Beaches : Tree house beach , Koh Toch Beach, the main beach of the island , 4K or Sok San Long Beach – the beaches and the sea are super, but there are few cafes, The atmosphere is reminiscent of the Pangan Had Rin (Full moon party beach).
  •  During the year 2014, the famous Indian action movie, Bang Bang, was shot, then the island became more popular
  •  Police Beach :  there are parties Fool Moon Party on the full moon. / the island will be interesting for divers and lovers to explore the wildlife.
  •  The island has also played host to the popular reality program Survivor. In 2012, Koh-Lanta, the French edition of the program, /
  •  Waterfall near Sok San village , The largest waterfall is Saracen Bay, which is located in the bay of the same name. / Sok San Beach Bay.
  •  villages : There are 4 distinct villages on Koh Rong – Koh Tuich Village in the south, Prek Sway and Daum Skeuw in the northeast and Soksan Village in the northwest
  • clam farms : You can also visit the clam farm, which is located near the village. Here you will be offered to taste aromatic fresh oysters.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Swim, sunbath / Luminous plankton tours / High Point Rope Park – an amusement park / Snorkeling – tour /
/ Dance, @ Police Beach.

Go next : The island of Koh Rong Samloem is nearby – just 20 minutes by boat / Sihanoukville , formerly Kompong Som,  a seaside town in Cambodia.


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