The Kopaonik ski resort is located 290 kilometers south of Belgrade in Šumadija and Western Serbia, at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level.
The Kopaonik resort lies at an altitude of 1,770 m above sea level on the slopes of the mountain range of the same name, stretching 83 km through central Serbia and Kosovo. Snow cover is established here from November to March. The average temperature in the winter season is 8С.
In addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding in Kopaonik, you can go cross-country skiing, sleigh rides , and paragliding.
The winter rest period starts in November and lasts until March. Kopaonik bears a bright, warm and light name – “Sun Mountain”. And all because here the number of sunny days per year reaches 200!
Kopaonik is the most famous ski resort in Serbia. It can be called ideal for those who are just discovering the delights of skiing, as well as for vacationers with children.A kindergarten has been organized for the youngest skiers from two to ten years old, For more experienced skiers there are red and several black slopes –  the Serbian ski team also hone their skills here.

Access : Coordinates: 43.269167, 20.8225 / A free shuttle bus runs between all hotels and lifts throughout the day. / Kopaonik is located on the southern borders of Serbia, 290 km from Belgrade. The most convenient way to get here is by transfer or by car, which can be rented at Nikola Tesla Airport. Travel time is about 4 hours.

Highlights :

  • In the winter resort of Kapaonik, at an altitude of 1650 – 2017 m above sea level, there are 24 equipped slopes for skiing of all categories of difficulty (including 4 special slopes for children). The total length of all slopes is about 70 km, including a twenty-kilometer ski slope for flat skis. For lovers of evening skiing there is an illuminated track on the slope “Malo Ezero”.
  • The winter sports complex “Kopaonik” has a ski equipment rental point, a school for beginner skiers, and a 24-hour rescue service.
  • In Kopaonik there is a snow park, which is considered the largest in Serbia, and several places for off-piste skiing: Bele Stene , Zaplanine , etc.
  • The resort has many restaurants, bars and cafes with excellent Serbian cuisine,While skiing, you can have a snack or warm up in one of the 16 bars located at the upper lift stations.
  • Kopaonik is equipped with an ice rink, and when tourists get bored with skis, they put on their skates / Sledding is also popular, for which the organizers have specially allocated an area near the Grand Hotel.
  • Accommodation: hotels, inns, chalets Hotels differ in the number of stars and the services provided, so it will not be difficult to find a place according to your budget and requirements.
  • Operating times : General season: early December – mid April / Ski pass prices : Day ticket ,Main season : Adults RSD 3900, approx. € 33 – Children RSD 2970 approx. € 25

Activities : Ski tours to the winter resort of Kopaonik for ski lovers are possible from November to early May / Snowboard , a snowboard park equipped with all the necessary structures, etc. Various competitions are held here.

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