Kuang Si Falls

Kuang Si  is a waterfall complex in the Luang Prabang province, Tat Kuang Si National Park, Laos.
Tat Kuang Si is a waterfall located approximately 32 km south of the city of Luang Prabang on the left bank of the Mekong, in the territory of the national park of the same name. The waterfall consists of a 54 m high main cascade and a series of lower cascades. There is a small cave ten meters below the second cascade. There are several pools with deep turquoise water between the cascades. The unusual color is due to the fact that water flows through limestone rocks and layers of soil containing limestone and actively converts calcium carbonate in them into soluble calcium bicarbonate due to the high content of carbon dioxide in soil waters.
The Kuang Si waterfall is surrounded by dense forest, there are many large and small waterfalls in the Kuang Si area. Kuang Si Waterfall is considered to be one of the most  popular among  locals who come here on weekends for swimming and family picnics

Access : Coordinates: 19.749167, 101.991667 / waterfall of approximately 29 kilometers, located south of Luang Prabang / Getting to Kuang Si can be done in 2 ways: by tuk tuk or by bus. If traveling by tuk tuk for the price of 200,000 kip for 6 people. If traveling by bus, book tickets at hotels and motels or travel agencies, the bus will depart daily with 2 flights at 11.30 and 13.30.

Highlights :

  •  There is a path along the waterfall. Below the main tier there is a bridge and a staircase, along which you can climb to the top of the cliff. Below the waterfall area there are many beaches for visitors.
  • There are also trails to climb to the top of the waterfall, where there is a huge and impressive swimming pool and its fountain.
  • Center for the rescue of the Himalayan black bears : From the entrance, you can walk through a forest area where there are housing boxes for Asian black bears rescued by hunters. You can look at the bears from specially equipped glazed rooms or from observation decks. Each bear has a stand with a photo, name and description of himself / herself in the first person.visitors can go through the forest, explore or can swim under very strong falls or climb risky falls.Most swimming pools are open for swimming (except one which is closed because it is a sacred site.
    The entrance to the territory is paid and is 20,000 kip, which allows you to maintain cleanliness around the waterfall and monitor the state of the surrounding forest.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / hikes , Several hike trails in the park / swimming / snapping selfies

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