Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is a lake on the South Island in New Zealand. Located in the Canterbury region.

It is the second largest of three high-mountain lakes located parallel to each other, stretching from north to south along the Mackenzie pit. Tekapo is of glacial origin. Due to the fact that the lake is mainly replenished with melt water from glaciers, the water in it has a distinctly blue tint. The lake area is 87 km², and the height above sea level is about 700 m.  The maximum width of Tekapo reaches 6 km (average – 3.5 km), and the maximum length is 27 km. In the northern part, the Godley and Makoli rivers flow into the Tekapo, in the western part, the Mistake and Kass rivers.

Lake Tekapo is an amazingly beautiful natural wonder known for its vibrant surrounding landscapes.The color of the water is due to the fact that Lake Tekapo is replenished with melt water from glaciers, and is itself a lake of glacial origin. This gives it a nice shade of blue. The Godley and Macaulay rivers flow into the Tekapo in the north, and the Mistake and Cass rivers in the west.But the main attraction of the small town is the Church of the Good Shepherd. It stands on the very shore of the lake, at the mouth of the Tekapo River. Small but beautiful building, constructed with local granite stone.The church is arguably one of the most photographed in New Zealand.
The fabulous carpet of lupines that bloom from November to December makes the lake even more incredible!Tekapo is a popular tourist destination. In the small town of Lake Tekapo, located at the southern tip of the lake , there are several resort hotels, cafes, several restaurants, bars, and an airport is five kilometers from the city.

Access : Coordinates: -43.883333, 170.516667 / Lake Tekapo located in the Mackenzie area of ​​the South Island of New Zealand.

Highlights :

  • The Church of the Good Shepherd, located on one of the banks, gives this place a special sacred charm. / The lake’s southern coast is also part of Lake Tekapo Regional Park.
  • The unique flowers: The unique flowers around Lake Tekapo are exotic plants. White, yellow, purple, blue, pink, orange flowers and even combinations of two colors. Lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus) grows up to 1.5 meters.
  • Lake Tekapo is now part of the Waitaki hydropower system and together with Lake Pukaki is home to over half of New Zealand’s hydropower.

Go next : Lake Tekapo is famous for its Church of the Good Shepherd / The small town of Lake Tekapo, located at the southern tip of the lake.


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