Lombard Street,San Francisco

Lombard Street is a street in San Francisco, in California, United States. Lombard Street is located in the Russian Hill and Telegraph Hill area. The western end of Lombard Street is on Presidio Boulevard, then heading east through the Cow Hollow neighborhood. Further 12 blocks between Broderick Street and Van Ness Avenue.
The crooked section of the street is 180 m long (125.7 m in a straight line), is a one-way slope and is paved with red brick. The road sign at the top of the slope recommends a speed of 5 mph (8 km / h) or less.
Eight sharp turns on the 400-meter section of the Russian Hill and a surface slope of almost 30 degrees made Lombard Street the most photographed street in San Francisco.

Access : Coordinates: 37.801944-122.418889  / The curved section of Lombard Street is just one block south of Rushen Hill Park in San Francisco /Lombard Street is the most famous street in San Francisco, which stretches from Presidio Boulevard to Embarcadero, and its western part is even part of US 101, which is the fastest way to get to Los Angeles by car.

Highlights :

  • It stretches from Fort Presidio to Embarcadero. Much of the western segment of the street is the main street designated as part of US Route 101.
  •  The street was named after Lombard Street in Philadelphia by San Francisco explorer Jasper O’Farrell.
  •  City Hall has a task force tasked with solving transport problems in Lombard Street.
  •  Today there are two pedestrian staircases on the left and right side of the street. They have 253 and 249 steps, respectively.
  •  Lombard Street offers great views of the bay and surrounding area, as well as the Bay Bridge and Coit Tower. In the era of Instagram, Lombard Street became one of the most photographed streets in the world.
  •  Until 1939, the Lombard Street carriageway was designed for two-way traffic.
  •  In the movie Inside Out, the street is seen when Riley’s family moves to San Francisco, just like in the end credits.
  •  In the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the street appears parodied with the name of Windy Street, that is, the Street of the wind, referring to the wind that usually blows there.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities, take pictures of Lombard Street / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring.

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