Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake - Home of the Matriarchal Tribes
Lugu Lake - Home of the Matriarchal Tribes
Lugu Lake is a mountain lake on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in the People’s Republic of China. is a freshwater lake on the Yunqi plateau in the southwestern part of the People’s Republic of China. It straddles between Shiyuan County, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, and Ningxi County Province, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. It is located 202km northeast of Lijiang city centre. The river that flows out from Lake Biwa is the Huangso River, which joins the Yao River through the Lianhe River.
The height of the lake is 2,685m above sea level. The area is 48.5 square kilometers, the water depth is deep, and the deepest part is 93.5m . Surrounded by high mountains, eight islands float in the lake. The lake is composed of 5 independent islands, 4 peninsulas, 1 long island with sea dyke, 14 bays, 17 sandbanks and 21 bajadas.
The shores are inhabited by many ethnic minority groups, such as the mosuo, norzu, pumi and yi. The most numerous of them are the Mosuo people, which is why it is considered the home of the tribe.
The Lugu Lake is called “mother lake” by the Mosuo people. It is also known in Chinese travel brochures as the Amazon region for the important and dominant role that women have.
Mosuo people : Wuhu is the core gathering place of the Mosuo people. The Mosuo people at the lake still retain the matriarchal clan marriage system. The typical folk custom is marriage. Whether it is a visitor or a visitor who has never been to Penghu, Wuhu and Mosuo people are generally associated with each other. The Mosuo people’s marriage and matriarchal clan customs are important factors in attracting people to visit Penghu. . The Mosuo people follow the custom of marriage, similar to the social phenomenon of the matriarchal clan.
The beauty of the scenery of Penghu is widely praised by the world. Xu Xiake, a traveler of the Ming Dynasty in China, described Wuhu in his book “Xu Xiake’s Travels”: “The inner pool is four pools, and the pool waters are all colored. They are all clear and radiant. There are three peaks in the pool. Hey. “The Ming Dynasty poet Hu Dunfu compares Wuhu to the source of the gods; the American geographer Joseph Locke wrote in the US “National Geography” that Wuhu is “the most beautiful lake in Yunnan, unimaginable.” There is a beautiful waterscape than this.” The current Wuhu Scenic Area is part of the Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area. The key tourist area in the “Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Master Plan” belongs to China’s national key scenic spots and 4A-level tourist attractions.
The lake is not so famous for its attractiveness, rather for being in the only region of China where the matriarchal system is preserved, according to which, women are family leaders and all family members are descendants of it woman.
Access : Coordinates: / The lake is 270 kilometers from the city of Lijiang and is reached in six hours.The nearest civil aviation airport from Wuhu is Lijiang Airport in the southwest. The distance between the two places is nearly 120 kilometers, and the highway mileage is nearly 200 kilometers
Lijiang has opened a direct bus to Wuhu, about 140 yuan / person, but fewer trains, starting around 9:30 every morning, the end is to Luoshui Village. Directly to the bus to Penghu, it is recommended to consult and purchase tickets at the passenger station one day in advance.


  • Peninsula in the lake : There are 3 narrow peninsulas and 5 separate islands on the lake. The largest peninsula is located in the southern half of the lake. It extends 4.5 km from the east to the west and 350 meters from the narrowest point. This peninsula forms the shape of a horseshoe on the contours of the lagoon. The northern Rieger peninsula is long and narrow. The narrow area is only 15 meters, and the human landscape is rich. The island of Libya is the largest at the southern end of the independent island. The length of the east and west is about 400 meters. There is a temple built by Mosuo people on the island.
  • The Temple of Gem is a religious shrine of the Mosuo people. Although the Mosuo people believe in Tibetan Buddhism like many Tibetans, they are different from the custom of burial after the death of Tibetans.
  • The landscape : The lakes and lakes of Wuhu are beautiful and beautiful. They are known as the “Geneva” of the Sichuan and Yunnan Plateaus and are one of the famous tourist destinations in China. The Mosuo people at the lakeside hailed Wuhu as “Mother Lake” and “Penglai Wonderland”.
  • Natural attractions: Libu Island, Asha Valley, Gem Goddess Hill, Rieger Island, Eva Island, East Coast Observation Deck, Lovers Bay, Caohai, etc.
  • Humanistic landscape: Libu than the temple, Mosuo people village, the wedding bridge, the last toast of the king of the palace, the Gesamosuo mother tribe, the sacrifice Shentai, Lianxin Pavilion, Lama Temple, the ancient road.
  • Famous Mosuo Villages , Luoshui Village ,Lige Village , Nisai Village ,Little Luoshui Village : The mosuo , also, moso, mosso or musuo and denominated by themselves as na, are a Chinese ethnic group that lives in the provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan (near the border with Tibet ). There are about 40,000 people and most live in the Yongning region and Lake Lugu. Although the Chinese government classifies them as belonging to the Naxi minority, both the language1 the culture of the Mosuo differs from that of the Naxi of Lijiang and its surroundings and are considered a different ethnicity.
  • Islands in Lugu Lake : Heiwawu Island, Liwubi Island, and Lige Island are the places you can’t miss./ Mosuo Museum : Mosuo Museum, next to Mosuo Tusi Palace, is facing with Lugu Lake / Zhamei Monastery : Zhamei Monastery, 13 kilometers from Lugu Lake, is the Lama monastery of Gelugpa which was built in Ming Dynasty. It is also the largest lama monastery for Mosuo people and Pumi group

Fees and permits : ¥100 per head when entering the lake area.

Activities : Canoe ride / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Biking , Cycle around Lugu Lake / Pay Family Visit to Local Mosuo People’s Home ,
Fee: 20 Yuan per person for family visit / Attend a Bonfire Party at Night / Know Mosuo Culture /

Go next : Wuhu Town is located 5 kilometers east of the lake / Lijiang , a small city in Yunnan Province, China / hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge / Lijiang is on a popular route which we describe at Yunnan tourist trail / Shangrila, next main city north


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