Old Town Bridge

Old Town Bridge  or Gamle Bybro, or Bybroa, is a bridge in Trondheim.Trondheim is a city in Central Norway, the administrative center of Sør-Trøndelag county. It is located at the confluence of the Nidelva River with the Trondheim Fjord.
The bridge crosses the Nidelva between Midtbyen and Bakklandet, and replaced an original bridge built as a result of Johan Caspar de Cicignon’s regulation of Trondheim in the years 1683–1685. Today’s bridge was completed in 1861, and was designed by city engineer Carl Adolf Dahl. It was originally a pure wooden construction, where the bridge span was supported by a clad timberwork with water vessels in natural stone founded on wooden poles. Towards the west bank of the Nidelva, the bridge had two bridge flaps over a narrow canal. The lifting device was attached to two romantically designed portals.
The Old Town Bridge is today one of Trondheim’s characteristic landmarks and it is also called «The portal of happiness», after Oskar Hoddø’s waltz «Nidelven quiet and beautiful you are».  Old Town Bridge is included in the National Protection Plan for roads, bridges and road-related cultural monuments.

Access : Coordinates: 63.428131, 10.401822 / The bridge connects the southern end of Kjøpmannsgata with the historic Bakklandet district. / You can get from the airport to the city by rail and by bus. Travel time is about 35 minutes./ Trondheim’s main railway station (“Trondheim S”) is located just outside the city center. From here you can go to all cities in Norway.

Highlights :

  • Old Bybro is 82 meters long and consists of three sections. In the middle was formerly a flap held up by the two portals which still stand.
  • Gamle Bybro is also called Lykken’s portal on the basis of Oskar Hoddø’s waltz “Nidelven quiet and beautiful you are” from 1940.
  • There is a belief that if you make a wish, standing at the gates of the bridge, it will come true as soon as possible.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / Long distance walking.

Go next : Kristiansten fortress / Nidaros Cathedral is the main attraction and symbol of Trondheim / Torget is a market square in the heart of Trondheim, from which the streets with shopping centers, shops, restaurants and bars radiate out.


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