Palawan ,Coron’s Twin Lagoon

The Twin Lagoons is located 6km south of the main town on Coron ( Coron Island on the north side of the Palawan Islands It is the third largest island in the Calamian Islands in Palawan – Philippines  ). Coron Island is rich in forests and mountains, the sea around the island is beautiful in clear blue. And there is also a complete coral reef   to swim in many spots.
These places in the Philippines  attract tourists with their unsurpassed nature: snow-white beaches and volcanic rocks, in which there are emerald lakes with fresh water. The name of this place speaks – double lagoon. It consists of two tiny bays, connected to each other by a cave passage. At low tide , you can easily swim from one lagoon to another, which is called Hidden. At high tide, you can go to it using the stairs from above.The second lagoon is not as clear as the first, because salt water and fresh water mix there. For the same reason, you can also feel how the water changes in temperature.
It is a magical work of nature, composed of clear emerald waters, coral reefs, tropical fish and rock formations.. It is both peaceful and coral reefs that attract tourists to Coron Island of Palawan archipelago as well.Coron Island and several neighboring small atolls received the status of a national reserve, due to their unique nature.

Access : Coordinates: 11.947806, 120.209778 / The Twin Lagoon is located 6km south of the main town on Coron, but it’s on a different island from the one that the main town / Coron Island is located in Palawan province in the Kalamian Islands group./ By group tour : To visit Coron Island, you need to rent a boat with a captain or purchase a ticket for a group excursion. This is done on the Busuanga island in the city of Coron Town.
/ By private tour.

Highlights :

  •  Boat stop at a shallow 50 meters from the first lagoon , You can get to the second lagoon either by the stairs, going up in the first and descending into the second, or at low tide you can swim under the rock, where the stairs are located.
  • The Philippines is known worldwide as one of the best scuba diving destinations, and the area around Corona is blessed with more than a fair share of scuba diving hotspots.
  • The two lagoons are connected by stairs, but you can go through an underwater passage, which is easy to do with a mask and fins.
  • The best time to visit is from November to May, however tourists are advised to check the weather forecast before going out.

Time between 07.00 – 17.00, which is the time when the tour company combines the time of transferring tourists with accommodation and travel time.

Twin Lagoon Entrance Fee : Php100.00 / person – Tour Guide Fee: P500

Activities : place for rest and complete relaxation / photo opportunities / Explore the unique and beautiful sights of the islands. / swimming and snorkeling.

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