Petra is an ancient city in today’s Jordan,  It is located in the naturally fortified mountain valley of Wadi Musa (the “Valley of Moses”) on the eastern slope of Wadi Arabah at the crossroads of major trade routes – to Gaza to the west, Bostra and Damascus to the north, Eilat to the Red Sea and the Gulf on the other desert side.

Unknown to the Western world for hundreds of years, the pink-red city of Petra once flourished as an important point of ancient trade routes. It is surrounded by high mountains and is accessible through a narrow gorge, and its remarkable rocky buildings are preserved intact.

On December 6, 1985, Petra included the UNESCO World Heritage List.the archaeological site was chosen in July 2007 as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Access : Coordinates: 30.328611, 35.441944 / By car : Petra is on the old King’s Highway (or the old Incense Road). This path leads through the mountains. Slower but more scenic than the Desert Highway, from where you can reach Petra from Amman in 3-4 hours.By bus : The JETT bus line runs daily from Amman to Petra, 3 hours, 10 JD. Rumtt drives daily from Aqaba to Petra and back, price 15 JD, as well daily from Amman to Petra and back, price 20 JD per person.

By taxi : Taxis are also a viable option. For 75 JD or less (depending on how much you deal ) you can manage to take a private taxi from Amman to Petra and back, including the driver who waits outside for 6 hours. A taxi from Aqaba to Petra should cost 55 JD one way. However, better to read the suggestions about taxis on the border with Aqaba.

Hiring a minibus with a driver from a hotel in the Dead Sea costs about 140 JD one way.

Get around : taxis are available for the journey to the visitor center. Then a 1 km long trail begins to the entrance of the gorge, the Siq. On this route you can ride: and the Bedouins have beautiful Arabian horses for hire. Or you take a coach alternatively: 2 people can drive to the treasure house, the Khazne al-Firaun for 20 JD? (as of 3/20018, in addition usually 2 JD tip, please pay on return, you do not want to run back) , From here you can either rent a donkey with a guide, or admire the sights on a camel back.

Hours : Petra is open to visits 06:00-17:00 in winter, and 06:00-18:00 in summer, daily , All year long.

Permits / Fees :The Visitor Centre is open every day from 6AM to 6PM in summer and from 6AM to 4PM in winter,at the Visitor Centre you can buy tickets / Tickets to Petra by Night cost 17 JOD and aren’t included in the standard entry ticket./ entrance at Petra for tourists costs 50 JOD for one-day access, 55 JOD for two days and 60 JOD valid for three days.
Jordan pass is available for travelers staying at least three nights In Jordan, it includes visa plus entry for 1 or more days to many popular Jordanian sites including Petra. Jordan Pass cost at writing(JUN ’18) was 70, 75 and 80 JOD for 1, 2 or 3 days in Petra respectively including Entry visa.(Petra entrance fee is typically 50-90 JOD and Visa is typically 50-60 JOD) Info is instantly emailed and Jordan Pass can be used immediately. See Jordan Pass website for more information. Incase you avail the Jordan pass but exit Jordan within 3 nights, you might have to pay 60 JOD at the immigration.

Highlights :

  • Site : Layout : Siq : The entrance to Petra is a long, sandstone canyon impressive sights are the colorful and unusual sandstone patterns in the rock walls (about 2 km)
  • Treasury or Al-Khazneh : The is the most famous attraction in Petra. It’s a 40m tall, symmetrical building carved directly into the rock face with detailed ornaments.the park opens at 06:00 or 06:30
  • Street of Facades or outer Siq : Large canyon lined with the facades of various tombs.
  • Roman Theater : 7000 seat Roman Theater , The theater was created by the Nabateans but later enlarged by the Romans
  • Royal Tombs : On the side of the valley opposite the Roman Theater , There are steps that lead up to them and you can visit the inside of these tombs.
  • Byzantine Church. / The Great Temple
  • Monastery , ad-Deir : The largest carved monument in Petra, dates back to the 1st century AD
  • Colonnade Street : a street that runs through the centre of Petra, with columns on each side./  High Place of Sacrifice :

Attractions-Activities : viewpoints over the Monastery -Desert View / Treasury from above / Visit Petra by Night / Princess Alia Clinic, Brooke Hospital for Animals. / The Mountain of Aaron (Jabal Haroun) is the highest peak in the area. /
camel ride / The Mountain of Aaron trail : The route to the top and back will take you past the Monastery and will take 4-8 hours

Safety : In the whole area of Petra, mounted tourist police double patrols.Beware the scams such the Child selling postcard , Donkey ride , Party lines via mobile phone ,Bill padding , Tour guides harassing you at the monuments

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