Phare de l’Île Vierge

Built between 1897 and 1902 with a height of 82.5 meters, the Phare de l’Île Vierge is the tallest lighthouse in Europe
Built between 1897 and 1902 with a height of 82.5 meters, the Phare de l’Île Vierge is the tallest lighthouse in Europe
Phare de l’Ile Vierge is the name of a lighthouse on the Ile Vierge ( Virgin Island ), which belongs to the municipality of Plouguerneau in the Finistere department,1.5 km northwest of the coast of Brittany – France.

Phare de l’Ile Vierge  Built from 1897 to 1902, at a height of 82.5 m, it is the tallest lighthouse in Europe and the tallest lighthouse in the world in cut stone. It sweeps across the north of Finistere for 52 km around. The interior is lined with 12,500 opaline tiles from Saint-Gobain factories. It is a triple-walled tower, tapered on the outside, cylindrical on the inside, in granite rubble, on a stone plinth supporting a large lantern.

The lighthouse has been listed as a historic monument of France since May 23, 2011. It is open to the public for visits. The tower can be reached on foot at low tide, otherwise boat tours are offered.

Access : Coordinates: 48.638889, -4.566944 / Phare de l’Ile Vierge located about 1.5 kilometers from the coast in the Lilia Archipelago. / You can visit it, access to the island by boat or on foot (only during high tides).
/ Maritime connections provided from April to October. Departures possible from the port of Aber Wrac’h in Landeda and from the tip of Castel Ac’h in Plouguerneau.

Highlights :

  •  There are two main points of view, still in Plouguerneau, to admire the lighthouse of Ile-Vierge from the mainland: the tip of Castel Ac’h, which also allows you to make a stopover by the hotel-restaurant of the same name, or north of Porz-Grac’h.
  •  The Virgin Island  marks the eastern limit between the Channel and the Celtic Sea. Located about 1.4 km north of the locality of Kastell Ac’h
  •  The lighthouse was built of granite blocks during the years 1897–1902. It then replaced an older lighthouse from 1842–1845, which is still in place.
  •  The 82.5 meter high tower was built with granite from the island, inside, there is a 360-step spiral staircase. It is the tallest stone tower lighthouse in the world
  •  The characteristic light is white with flashes every 5 seconds. It can be distinguished at a distance of 25 nautical miles.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking, ou can take beautiful walks to the Virgin Island / kayak.


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