Playa de Zahora

Zahora Beach is a quiet area at the coast of Cadiz between El Palmar and Cape Trafalgar.It is located in the province of  Cadiz in the region of Andalusia, in the southern part of the country, 500 km south of the capital Madrid.( Spain

The beach of Zahora is very extensive, with fine white sand and goes from the tombolo of the Trafalgar Lighthouse to the beach of Mangueta. The border with the area is defined by the stream that is in the same beach of Mangueta.
The beach has an extension of about 3 kilometers and the locals divide it into zones. The first area that goes from the Trafalgar lighthouse to the Sajorami area, is known as La Aceitera or La Cala Isabel  the second zone is the Sajorami beach, which takes its name from the local name  and the third zone is that of Playa de Mangueta.

Access : Coordinates: 36.19838°, -6.04589° / from Cadiz to Playa de Zahora, the distance is 58 Km and the approximate duration of the trip is 53 min.

Type : white sand beach / chill-out atmosphere / family friendly

Ammenities available : Parking / nearby campsites / Restaurants / coastal hotel /

Activities : swimming / kitesurf, surf, windsurf , It is an area where you can find good waves / The sunsets of the beaches of Zahora are famous / Camping / surfing experience / hiking / scuba diving , the area is rich in reefs, caves and wrecks
horseback riding

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