Port Washington Breakwater Light

Port Washington Breakwater Light, is a Lake Michigan lighthouse located at the end of the North Port Washington Breakwater in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, United States.
The Port Washington Breakwater Light is a lighthouse built in in 1935,
The current lighthouse  is an 18 m high quadrangular steel tower, with gallery and without lantern, mounted on an open concrete platform. The lighthouse is completely painted white.
It emits, at a focal height of 24 m, a red flash per period of 6 seconds. Its range is 8 nautical miles (approximately 15 km). It is equipped with a fog horn emitting two consecutive blasts of 2 seconds every 30 seconds, if necessary. The horn is only operable during the months of April through November.
The Port Washington Breakwater Light  has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 2018.

Access : Coordinates: 43.3853, -87.8597 / Location: Port Washington Breakwater Lighthouse, Pier 1, Port Washington, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, 53074, USA Port Washington / The Port Washington Breakwater Light is located at the end of the northern breakwater in the Port Washington Harbor, Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074.

Highlights :

  • This light was completed in 1849 and consisted of a tower and a separate caretaker’s house built with Cream City bricks. The tower was slightly taller than 35 feet (11 m) in height and was equipped with a set of five Lewis lamps with 14 “(360 mm) reflectors. It was first lit on May 8, 1849
  • in 1934, a new steel tower was installed on the breakwater, and this lantern required manual maintenance of its fog horns.
  •  When the breakwater lantern was fully automated in 1975–76, the old lantern continued to be used to house other Coast Guard personnel until 1993, when the building was transferred to the Port Washington Historical Society.
  •  When the foghorn and light were automated in the mid 1970s, the keeper’s post was eliminated.
  •  The power for the lighthouse today is provided via solar panels and it remains an active aid to navigation .Access: Grounds closed. Tower closed.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Long distance walking.

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