Prainha beach

Prainha is possibly the most beautiful beach of Rio de Janeiro  ( Brazil ) and The Ultimate Surfing Beach in Rio de Janeiro !. Located in an unspoiled and protected area (Grumari APA – Environmental Protection Area) White Sands and Huge Waves

Enclosed by the beautiful green hills of Rio’s rainforests, Prainha beach portrays white sands and astounding scenery. The local population is very gracious like the other Cariocas. The rocks and lofty cliffs in this region cause huge waves that rise up to 3 meters suitable only to experienced surfers.

Carry your surfboard along as the closest place to rent one is some miles away. and surrounded by hills covered with tropical rainforest, prainha is a paradise for surfers and nature lovers. The big and tubular waves are described as the best in Rio (many national and international surf competitions are held here) and the beach keeps a wild nature. There are a couple of kiosks where you can have sandwiches, juices and acai, but prainha is still a secluded spot. Quite crowded on weekends but very quiet in weekdays. Come in the morning, because the sun hides behind the mountains in mid-afternoon.

To reach Prainha, public transport is not available, so you will have to rent a car. However, the best option to reach the beach is by the ‘surf bus’ which is specially designed to take about 30 passengers along with their surfboards Prainha Beach is located about 35 kilometers west of Ipanema

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking

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