Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge National Monument is administered by Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, southern Utah, United States.

Rainbow Bridge is often described as the world’s highest natural bridge. The span of Rainbow Bridge was reported in 1974 by the Bureau of Reclamation to be 275 feet (84 m), but a measurement of span according to definition by the Natural Arch and Bridge Society in 2007 resulted in a value of 234 feet (71 m). At the top it is 42 feet (13 m) thick and 33 feet (10 m) wide. The bridge, which is of cultural importance to a number of area Native American tribes, has been designated a Traditional Cultural Property by the National Park Service.

Two other natural arches, Kolob Arch and Landscape Arch, both also in southern Utah, have confirmed spans several meters longer than Rainbow Bridge, but by most definitions of the terms they are considered to be arches rather than bridges. With a height of 290 feet (88 m) Rainbow Bridge does indeed stand taller than either of its longer competitors, but it is outdone by Aloba Arch in Chad at 394 feet (120 m). The world’s tallest (though less easily accessible) arch is Toshuk Tagh, better known as Shipton’s Arch, in China at an estimated 1,200 feet (370 m). Finally, Xianren Bridge (also known as Fairy Bridge), in Guangxi Province, China, with a span of about 295 feet (90 m), and a height of the opening of 210 feet (64 m), appears to be the natural bridge with the largest span in the world.

Access : Coordinates: 37.077222, -110.964167 / By Boat:  Trips to Rainbow Bridge may be made across Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area using private, rental, or tour boats. From Wahweap, Antelope Point, and Dangling Rope, travel north. From Bullfrog and Halls Crossing, travel south. Proceed to the mouth of Forbidding Canyon (buoy 49), where a floating sign on the right marks the canyon entrance. Follow the canyon about 2 miles (4 km) to another sign that points the way left through a narrow passage. Proceed with caution! Beyond the wakeless buoys, go slowly so that no wakes, or waves, are made. A courtesy dock is available for short-term docking while people make the 2 mile (3.2km) walk to the bridge.

By Hike:  You may backpack to Rainbow Bridge across Navajo Nation lands. A permit from the Navajo Nation is required. You may write to: Navajo Nation, Parks and Recreation Department, Box 9000, Window Rock, Arizona 86515.

All Park – Rainbow Bridge National Monument :  Rainbow Bridge National Monument is open every day of the year, from sunrise to sunset. On rare occasions, the park may be closed for visitor safety while significant trail and/or dock repairs are taking place. Contact the park for up to date information on any closures in effect.

Standard Hours
Sunday Sunrise – Sunset
Monday Sunrise – Sunset
Tuesday Sunrise – Sunset
Wednesday Sunrise – Sunset

Entrance Fees:  Rainbow Bridge Entrance Fee – $0.00 ,  There are no fees for visiting Rainbow Bridge National Monument. /  Entrance Passes:  Annual Pass – $0.00 As there are no fees for Rainbow Bridge, there is no pass.

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