Reine is a fishing village in the southwest of the locality of Moskenes in the Lofoten Islands in Norway.The fishing village is located on the island of Moskenesøya in the Lofoten archipelago, above the Arctic Circle.

Reine has been a commercial center since 1743. Today its tourism is important, since despite its remote location, thousands of people visit it annually.
Reine is located south of Sakrisoya and Hamnøya. A stone staircase was built in Reinebringen in 2016-2019, making the mountain (previously considered steep, muddy, and difficult to climb) easily accessible.
The European E10 highway runs through Reine. Reine is known for its scenic beauty. The view from Mount Reinehaben on Reine is a popular photo motif that is used on the front pages of many tourist brochures and books,that the Reine village is considered the most beautiful in the country, its landscapes seem fantastic.

Access : Coordinates: 67.9324, 13.0887 / There are ferries between Bodø with the towns of Moskenes. The Hurtigruten cruise ship stops at Svolvaer and Stamsund. There are small airports in Svolvaer, Leknes and Hardstad that connect with nearby cities like Bodø./ All the islands are linked by bridges or tunnels. A bus line runs through the archipelago.

Highlights :

  • The largest weekly magazine in Norway, Allers, selected Reine as the most beautiful town in Norway in the late 1970s. A photograph of Reine from the mountain Reinebringen is often used as the front page in tourist brochures and books.
  • The peculiar architecture; here you can see fishing houses built over the water – exactly the same ones that were built in the village hundreds of years ago,Lofoten has many red fishing houses built on stilts on the seashore. These cabins are called robu houses, and today many of them can be accommodated. /  Reine Kultursenter (Cultural centre).
  • In summer, the polar day reigns here. For example, in Leknes, the sun does not set over the horizon from May 26 to July 17. The night sun is best enjoyed on the beaches on the western side of the archipelago, such as Utakleive and Eggum on Westwogey Island.

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