Rock sculpture of Decebalus

The statue of Decebalus face, an impressive work of art , a colossal sculpture 55 meters high which depicts, precisely, Decebalus, Last king of the Dacians ( 87 to 106 AD ) , at the Iron Gates, natural gorge of the Danube, near the city of Orsova, in Romania.Decebal’s face is the largest sculpture made of stone in Europe. A landmark- tourist destination for Romania.

The idea belonged to the Romanian businessman Iosif Constantin Dragan – a historian and tracologist who also financed the project.  The construction started by artist Florin Cotarcea in 1994 and was completed in 2004, – Under Decebal’s head there is a Latin inscription dug in the rock – DECEBAL REX – DRAGAN FECIT (Decebal King – made by Dragan).
– It is only 60% completed, because her financier died in 2008 and the sculpture remained in the same form.

Access : Coordinates:44.64112°N 22.29123°E./ In the Gulf of Mraconia, between Eselnita and Dubova – towards Orsova, Mehedinti County./ How to Get there ? From Orsova, on DN57 – From Moldova Noua, also on DN57 (85, km). Decebal’s face can be admired from the Mraconia viaduct. Right next to the statue can be reached by water, by boat

Activities : Danube River cruise / photo opportunities / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring /

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