the "eight-arched cross-sea bridge" is the most famous, and welcomes the hot spots of the first dawn of the new year every year.
Sanxiantai Scenic Area is a well-known tourist attraction in Taitung County, Taiwan. It is located about three kilometers northeast of the town of Chengli .
It consists of an offshore small island, a coral reef coast and a gravel coast. The area is about 22 hectares. Due to less human disturbance, it is also an important base for studying coastal plant ecology and is listed as a nature reserve.
The Ami language nuwalian means “the most eastern place” and the Pisirian means “the land of the shepherd”
This small island has three huge rocks. It is said that Li Tiezhu, He Xiangu and Lu Dongbin of the Eight Immortals have been named on the island.
the area is well known for its long walkway that connects the coast with the largest island. Among them, the “eight-arched cross-sea bridge” is the most famous, and welcomes the hot spots of the first dawn of the new year every year.

Island Attractions & Features :

  • Cross-sea arch bridge: In order to facilitate tourists to board the island, an eight-arch cross-sea pedestrian bridge was built in 1987.The bridge consists of 8 arches and humps, so be prepared to go up and down a lot of steps. But the reward on the other side is a very steep island with a boardwalk circuit.
  • Sanxiantai Lighthouse: Located on the second rock peak of Sanxiantai Island. / beach : The beach extends for ten kilometers in length,
  • Sanxiantai Island became an offshore island due to seawater erosion. In 1987, the eight-arched Haibu Bridge was built, connecting Sanxiantai and the island. It is a very famous attraction on the east coast.
  • Trails : There are round-the-island trails on the island. The browsing time is about 2 hours. During the walk, you can enjoy pottery caves, sea caves, sea eclipse and other special terrains, as well as precious and rare seaside plants, which are worth a visit.

Access : Coordinates: 23.124771, 121.416521 / Address No.74,Jihui Rd.,Sanxian Vil., Chenggong Township, Taitung County Taiwan, R.O.C / Signage of the scenic area of Sanxiantai is clearly marked on Highway 11 and takes you to the visitor center and vast parking lot.
By car : From Nat’l Hwy 5 Exit at the Su-ao Interchange ,then Prov. Hwy 9 and then Prov. Hwy 11./ By rail : Take the Taitung Railway to Taitung Station and transfer to the Dingdong and Hualien Passenger Sea Lines in Changbin, Jingpu or Hualien in front of the station and get off at Sanxiantai Station.

Opening Hours : 08:30-17:00 – January 1st – December 31st Monday – Sunday / Price : Free of charge, but parking fee is required

Facilities available : Parking lot / Toilets / Observation Deck / Bus station / Trail / Wheelchair Rentals / Sanxiantai Visitor Center ,Open Hours 08:30-17:00

Activities : photo opportunities- photography trips / sightseeing / guided hourse tours / Enjoy views of the rocky coast /

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