Ston is a small town on the peninsula Peljesac in the south of Croatia. It belongs to the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The fortifications around the city controlled access to Peljesac.
there is a wall around the city, 890 meters long, and a double Great Wall of 5 kilometers outside. from the town that closes the isthmus of Peljesac. Built in 1358 under the Venetian impulse, it measures at that time 7 km long. To date, the wall remains the longest in Europe in complete condition  or the second largest in the world behind the Great Wall of China.
The walls extended to Mali Ston (“Little Ston”), a smaller town on the north side of the Peljesac Isthmus and the end of the Gulf of Mali Ston , famous for its culture of Mali Ston also has a fortress on the heights and a former harbor master’s office near the old port.
Ston is also well known for its salt, harvested in Solana, which was highly coveted by the Republic of Ragusa and the Ottoman Empire.The Bay of Mali Ston is known for its oysters,

Access : Coordinates: 42.83333317.7 / by local buses from Dubrovnik; journey time is around 1 hour and 15 minutes , easiest to either join an organised tour or hire a car for a day / You can book an excursion from Dubrovnik. / By plane : Nearest airpost , Ragusa airport /
By car from Italy : Trieste pass the former border of Pesek – Kozina, and continue to the Croatian border where you take the motorway that leads almost to Ragusa.

Attractions :
The defensive wallls are world-famous : One of the longest and most impressive walls in the world , a series of defensive stone walls, originally more than 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) long, that surrounded and protected the city of Ston, in Dalmatia
the Prapratno bay with a beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by olive groves, with clean sand, here is located a very visited camping.
Ston Salt Works : Ston is also well known for its salt, The salt pans stretching southeast of Ston are thought to be among the oldest in the Mediterranean, in more or less constant use for 4000 years.
Ston Old Town : This place is excellent for a family trip,nice restaurants , good place to take a walk and relax.
Fort KaStio : Gunduliceva poljana, Ston 20230, Croatia , As part of the ticket to walk the walls of Ston , medieval castle at most important strategic point of the system of defence.
Church, St. Nicholas / Bishop’s Palace / the wine area : scenic and masses of wineries to have a tasting
Mali Ston : Mali Ston is about a kilometre on the upper side of the Peninsula , It was a defensive town, meant to protect Ragusa ,Attractions you can find there is : fortress of Koruna and the The port of Mali Ston.
Church of St. Blaise / the remains of the old Christian church of St. Peter in Zamlina /

Activities : make a Wine Route, visiting wineries and vineyards in the area. / Private Sightseeing Tours / Kayaking Ston / dining at a local restaurant to try out some of these famed oysters, / Walk at Napoleon’s road to Peljesac : A path in length of 7 km of flat, medium-rise can be strolled. The walk takes approx. 2.5h and starts from Ston road to Solana to the Sumi bridge where you will get the first information about Napoleon’s road on the info board./
Tasting and visiting oyster farms / Diving
Many cliffs in the Peljesac Channel provide pleasant moments / Daily tours / sightseeing / photo opportunities / Swimming

Events   : Salt Summer Camp between July and September – / Annually in September The Ston Wall Marathon /

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Go next : ferry to the island of Mljet / Ston is the gateway to the Peljesac Peninsula and Korcula Island / The Elafiti Islands / Southern Dalmatia’s shining gem is Dubrovnik,


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