Štrbské Pleso tarn

Štrbské pleso is a glacial lake and seaside resort in the High Tatras in the Štrba tourist region of Slovakia, for which the town of Štrba was named, in return, the later winter sports and health resort on the lake is also called Štrbské Pleso.
Štrbské Pleso tarn is a well-known venue for winter sports competitions, the best alpine resort in the High Tatras, located on the shores of the mountain lake of the same name, 24 km from Poprad. Skiers, skiers, ski jumpers and snowboarders come here
About 120 days a year, Štrbske Pleso operates as a ski center and year-round as a health resort. Skiing heights – from 1300 to 1915 m. The skiing season lasts from December to March.
The main ski slopes are located on the southern sunny slope of the Predne-Solisko peak (2093 m). Slalom slope “Interski” is very popular, where there is a ski school for children, which has its own ski lift. Also on the descent, there are suitable conditions for cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping and mountaineering.
At the suggestion of the Hungarian Carpathian Association, a tourist hostel was built on the south bank in 1875, to which several restaurants and hotels were subsequently built. In 1885 the seaside resort was also declared a spa. In 1906, the two hotels that are now known as Hviezdoslav and Kriváň were built.
On the southern shore there is a village of the same name – Strbske Pleso – a resort and winter sports center.
Access : Coordinates: 49.1225, 20.058333 / by train – to the city of Poprad and from there by taxi or bus. Poprad is located 30 km east of Strbske Pleso.

Highlights :

  •  Gustav Nedobrý (1893–1966), one of the founders of the IAMES mountaineering association, lived on the Lake.
  •  There are numerous hotel and sanatorium buildings on the lake shore. In 2008, a marina for boats was opened on the southern bay.
  •  Tourist routes : The red trail The green trail – there is also a green trail leading to the Popradzki Pond, departing from the red one and used in winter – Yellow trail  :  from the southern shore of the Strbske Pleso north to the Młynicka Valley, then to Bystra Ławka – Blue trail :  from the electric railway station it leads along the western shore of the lake to the shelter in Solisko – The green trail of the Lowlands Podkrywański Walkway – from the southern shore of the lake it leads to the west, above the Tatra Youth Road.
  •  Treatment : The main method of treatment is climatotherapy, which consists of two parts: air therapy (aerotherapy) and sun (heliotherapy).
  •  Approximately one and a half kilometers from the center of the resort there is a well-equipped modern FIS ski station, which includes two jumping jumps (70 and 90 m), a “start” and “finish” of cross-country skiing for 5, 10, 15, 30 and 50 km, as well as two stadiums with spectator stands.
  •  The lake is first mentioned in 1901 by “David Fröhlich” of the Szentiványi family in his work “Bibliotheca seu Cynosura Peregrinantium”.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Tourist routes : The red trail Magistrala Tatrzańska – from Rozdroże in Dolina Furkotna to Szczyrbskie Lake, further along its shore and north towards the Popradzki Staw.

Go next : Bistre-Sedlo pass @2314 m / Furkot valley / Poprad is located 30 km east of Strbske Pleso / Strbske Pleso is the starting path of the route leading to the Mengusovska Valley./ Popradské pleso is a alpine lake in the Mengusovská valley in the High Tatras in Slovakia.


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