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Osh is a city on the eastern edge of the Ferghana Valley in southern Kyrgyzstan. Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, which...

Barskoon Waterfall

Barskoon Falls and the surrounding geologically protected located in the Jeti-Oguz district in Ysyk-Kol province in the Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. These waterfalls will not...


Ala-Bel pass is one of the main “control points” on the Bishkek-Osh highway. It is located at an altitude of 3175 m above sea...

Töö Ashuu pass

Töö Ashuu pass also Theo-Ashuu or Camel Pass is a mountain  car pass connecting Chuy valley with Suusamyr. Too-Ashuu is one of two automobile...


Naryn is an ancient garrison town on the Silk Road in central Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia).t is built on The city is located at an...

Song Kol Lake

The Songkol ,Son Kul Lake ,also Song Kul, Son Kul, Sonkul, etc. is a mountain lake in the north of the Kyrgyz region Naryn...

Lake Kel Suu

The Kol-Suu is a mountain alpine  lake in the Tian Shan in the south of the Atbashi district of the Naryn region in Kyrgyzstan....

Tash Rabat Caravanserai

Tash-Rabat Caravanserai was constructed in the 15th century ,  At Bashy district, Naryn Province, Kyrgyzstan. Located on the ancient trade route from Central Asia...

Burana Tower

The Burana Tower  -Buraninsky Minaret-  is an archaeological and architectural monument located among the ruins of the Buraninsky settlement, 12 km south-west of the...
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