The 3 most expensive destinations in the US

USA. is undoubtedly one of the most frequent destinations, since they are often the first choice of many new travelers. The issue, however, beyond the visa process, is the cost of such a trip. The truth is that, according to recent surveys, is one of the most expensive destinations internationally, while taking the states separately, they occupy almost all of the top 30 positions in corresponding lists.

So, which are the 3 most expensive destinations among the 30 in the US?

the first place is Napa. The reason for this is that the total cost is on average $ 2,448.90. Analytically, the budget for the meal reaches $ 540 plus drinks, stays for 3 nights cost $ 1,267 and airfare $ 578.90.

The second most expensive place is Washington DC. At this location, the total travel cost reaches an average of $ 1,977.64. This amount includes meals of $ 375 plus drinks, 3 nights accommodation at $ 664, and airfare to $ 879.96. And this amount is nothing in fact, considering that there are plenty of museums, galleries, and many other attractions in this area that will surely need a price tag.

Finally, third place is San Francisco with $ 1,976.04. The meal here costs $ 405 plus drinks, a stay of $ 729 and a $ 780.24 flight.

In short, can the US to be the first choice of many, but it is a very expensive hobby. So, if anyone wishes to visit these areas, it is important to do a very good research before traveling so as to save a lot of unnecessary expenses and be able to cope. A travel agent can also help with this.


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