The Haut fond Prince Lighthouse

The Haut-fond Prince (Prince Shoal) Lighthouse, known as the “La Toupie”, is a lighthouse located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River at the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord, approximately 7 km to the east. from the village of Tadoussac. in Quebec, Canada

History :  The 25.3-meter high tower was built in 1964 on a shoal, which is considered one of the most dangerous in the St. Lawrence River. At this point, the river is about 23 km wide. The building consists of a conical base in the form of a platform, on which is erected a cylindrical tower. It is marked with horizontal stripes red and white.

Its design was chosen because, at this point, the high tide has about 6 m of amplitude. The lighthouse produces every 2.5 seconds a flash of white light visible at a distance of 18 nautical miles. Before the construction of the lighthouse there was, since 1905, a flagship. Several of these flagships followed one another until the construction of the tower1:

Access : Coordinates: 48.0967, -69.6166 / Location : 177, rue des Pionniers, Tadoussac, Quebec G0T 2A0, Canada  /  Date Built: 1964 / Active: Yes / Open to public: No / The tower is 83-feet high and produces a focal plane of 81 feet. The light produces a white flash every 2.5 seconds, with a range 18 nautical miles.

Cinematographic adaptations of the storm of the Prince Shoal in 1966
The Tempete du Haut-fond Prince, a 30-minute documentary produced in 2004 by Vic Pelletier Productions.
Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve’s Prince [archive] Shoal, a 44-minute drama produced in 2011 by Mori Quam Productions and the National Film Board.

Activities : sightseeing / photography, environmental interpretation, landscape observation

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