What are your rights to cancel flights due to weather conditions?

Compensation for delays or cancellations of flights due to weather conditions may not be a common phenomenon since it is not the responsibility of airlines, but the passenger has many more rights than he imagines. The right to care (food, calls or accommodation, etc.) must be granted even in the event of a volcano eruption, according to the European Court of Justice! Regarding the right to compensation and, if possible, on the return flight to the first departure point or the alternative flight to the last destination, the Court has not yet clarified its position, but it is correct to assume that airlines must also comply with the obligations.

“While the airline is not responsible under EC Regulation 261 of the European Union and other similar airlines for airline passengers to provide compensation as flight disruption is considered an” extreme condition “, the airline is nevertheless obliged to provide aid, with free food and drink, overnight accommodation if needed, two phone calls and access to emails, as informed by Airhelp, the company that helps passengers to apply for compensation after a delay, cancellation or overbooking Ms. C. P.

It is worthwhile to clarify that passengers are eligible for compensation in cases other than extraordinary circumstances and when the air carrier has full responsibility.

In order to claim compensation, the criteria are as follows:

-If you have a two-hour delay and travel for 1,500 kilometers or less.
-If you are three hours late and you travel on an internal flight within the European Union over 1,500 kilometers
-If you are three hours late and traveling on a flight outside the European Union between 1,500-3,500 km
-If you are four hours late and traveling on a flight outside the European Union over 3,500 km
In any case, if you do not remember the above, you can always check if you qualify for compensation at the airport or on the road, and resort to a very short period of time through the free AirHelp mobile app available for iOS and Android.

How to file a claim for compensation with AirHelp : If you wish to claim without hassle, then file your request via AirHelp by simply giving your flight details and submitting your request. The company also provides legal support where needed. Then it takes you to lead your request to the best possible result at the right time.

In addition, Airhelp allows you to claim compensation for flights up to three years, simply by checking the link  As well as clarifying there is a case of being entitled to compensation up to $ 680 if your flight is delayed, canceled or overbooked over the past three years.


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