White pocket, Kanab ,Utah.

White Pocket is a area relatively close to California in Arizona,inside Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, a natural landmark located near the Grand Canyon , Arizona, USA

This entire area is covered with a gray rocky layer, sometimes reaching only a few centimeters, and above the embankments of red sandstone, rocks prone to erosion gradually crumble down, mixed with water, this gives the impression that the landscape is covered with powdered sugar. In some places, the rocky layers are completely mixed and look like a huge marble cake.
Just a year ago, White Pocket was little known. It was previously known only to local farmers and a few adventure photographers. Then, National Geographic magazine ran a story about the Vermilion Cliffs National Wildlife Refuge, and great photographs of White Pocket were printed. Since the release of that issue of the magazine, people have begun to flock to the White Pocket area
This place is unpopular with tourists for one reason – it is very difficult for an ordinary tourist to get to White Pocket without an SUV or ATV.this place turned out to be the most impressive and very photogenic.

Access : Coordinates: 36.957638, -111.904513 / The place is located approximately halfway between the cities of Kanab (Utah) and Page (Arizona), practically on the border of the two states.

Highlights :

  • The sandstone layer is called White Pocket or Brain Rocks. This layer of gray, several centimeters thick, resembles marble in appearance and is located below the oblique red sandstones, is sandstone
  • hiking : White Pocket is a 2.4 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Marble Canyon, Arizona.Length : 2.4 km – oday, White Pocket is on the list of must-see destinations for every adventure and hiking enthusiast.
  • The town of Kanab there is the only office that rents out jeeps for daily rent , There are tours which provide both means of transportation. No permits are needed. stop at the Kanab Visitor Center or the BLM office for detailed instructions.
  • The area is considered an excellent photogenic destination, White Pocket is best photographed in sunny weather conditions.
  • Activities : Photo opportunities-photography, environmental interpretation, trekking,Adventuring.

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